The Hungarian women’s water polo team beat its mummy

The Hungarian women’s water polo team won 11-7 against the Canadian team on Friday, finishing second in its group at the Hungarian World Cup.

Attila Bíró’s Olympic bronze medal team will play with the Argentines in the quarterfinals on Sunday.

Women’s Water Polo Group A Round 3

Hungary-Canada 11-7 (2-1, 3-3, 4-0, 2-3)

scorers: Keszthelyi 3, Gurisatti, Szilágyi, Leimeter 2-2, Rybanska, Vályi 1-1 and McKelvey 3, Crevier 2, Bakoc, Christmas 1-1


Alda Magyari – Dorottya Szilágyi, Vanda Vályi, Rita Keszthelyi, Zsuzsanna Máté, Rebecca Parkes, Gréta Gurisatti, exchanges: Edina Gangl (goalkeeper), Krisztina Garda, Geraldine Mahieu, Dóra Leimeter, Natasa Rybanska, Kamilla

Attila Bíró’s team, with a 31-goal victory over the Colombians and a 10-9 defeat to the Italians, was waiting behind him for a final-round clash against the Canadians, which was second in the group. The Hungarian band had to repay the real thing, because at the 2017 World Cup in Budapest, the North Americans broke pepper under the nose of Keszthely, they won as a rude guest, and in the end they finished fourth, while the Hungarian national team had to reach the fifth place in the fifth year. at home.

The Hungarian team, which won a bronze medal in the last fifty and a half thousand fans of last year’s Tokyo Olympics at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, started Friday’s match in the fifties of the Hajós swimming pool. Gurisatti’s second attempt proved accurate, with Canadians beautifying him from a double human advantage (2-1).

Gurisatti started the second quarter with a Hungarian goal, and Rybanska Natasa gave a “counter-response” to the Canadian response from the center (4-2). The Canadians helped the Canadians beautify, and the Hungarians were replayed by the video replay, which showed Dóra Leimeter’s hit. Before the big break, North Americans closed off with a distant drop (5-4).

The first substantial development of the third part of the game was Rita Keszthelyi’s long-range bomb reaching the target, then Szilágyi snapped exactly from the next action, and later Keszthelyi fired the lower right corner (8-4). And the parade series continued: the triple team captain Keszthelyi hit the ball into the Canadian goal (9-4). Neither the time-out nor the newer forces improved the opponent’s efficiency, so having a five-goal lead could lead to the final act. In which Vályi Vanda not only brought the ball for the fourth time in the swim, but he also recorded the tenth home hit. The Canadians also scored their fifth goal, followed by the sixth and the seventh from another human advantage, but their vivacious hopes were dashed out of the forum by the successful Leimeter (11-7).

He is in second place behind the Italians in the quadruple of the Hungarian national team, and will play with the Argentine national team on Margaret Island on Sunday from 6.30 pm to reach the top eight.

Attila Bíró emphasized after the blowout: “As the result shows, our game was much better today, but we had to fight and defend hard to be so confident.”

He added that his defense had improved a lot compared to the match against the Italians, but he was also more pleased with the attack.

“We’ve been zoning a lot more today than against the Italians, so we’ve been at a human disadvantage far fewer times, making our game smoother, of course.”

The expert noted, of course, that there could be no question of victory for Argentina in the top eight.

“It’s good that we have to play on Sundays to meet our fantastic audience again and not train in an empty pool. Of course I would have been happy to win against the Italians on Wednesday, but that’s good,” he said.

Italy-Colombia 31-5 (5-2, 7-0, 6-2, 13-1)

The final result: 1. Italy 5 points, 2. HUNGARY 4, 3. Canada 3, 4. Colombia 0

Group B (Debrecen):

Netherlands – South Africa 22-1 (5-1, 4-0, 7-0, 6-0)

United States-Argentina 23-3 (6-0, 5-0, 6-2, 6-1)

The final score is 1. United States 6 points, 2. Netherlands 4, 3. Argentina 2, 4. South Africa 0

Group C (Sopron):

New Zealand – Kazakhstan 15-11 (4-3, 2-5, 5-2, 4-1)

Australia-Brazil 17-5 (5-1, 4-0, 5-1, 3-3)

The final score: 1. Australia 6 points, 2. New Zealand 4, 3. Kazakhstan 2, 4. Brazil 0

Group D (Szeged):

Greece-France 15-4 (4-1, 4-1, 3-1, 4-1)

Spain-Thailand 30-2 (5-0, 7-0, 11-2, 7-0)

The final score: 1. Spain 5 points (58-20), 2. Greece 5 (53-15), 3. France 2, 4. Thailand 0

The group winners advance to the quarterfinals on Tuesday, the second and third place finishers play for the quarterfinals on Sunday, while the fourth place finishes continue in the lower house (13-16th place).

Opening photo: Rita Keszthelyi (j) and Kyra Christmas in Canada at the women’s water polo tournament. MTI / Cosmetic Bag Solid

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