The humiliation of Bayern, Barcelona ends in the Champions League. It has not been so weak for two decades

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the group stage of the Champions League 2021/2022 is over. For many teams, it was a success and a record-breaking, others experienced a cruel awakening.

Barcelona did not advance to the round of 16 and will play in the European League in the spring, which was decided by a key match at the Bayern Munich stadium.

AC Milan also failed in the deciding duo, defeated by FC Liverpool at home. He played mainly with substitutes, of which the most famous decided. Nobody has been written about as much in the days and weeks as Divock Origi.

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Xavi: We have to get Barcelona where it belongs. And this is not the European League

Somehow it was suspected that this would happen, yet many believed that it could not happen. In any form, constellation or lineup, the famous Barcelona cannot end up in the Champions League.

It is still the club that ruled Europe a few years ago under the leadership of Pep Guardiola, many called it the best team in the history of the sport.

And yet it’s here. Barcelona lost in the key sixth match of Group E at the Allianz Arena stadium with the home Bayern Munich 0: 3 and thus ended its humiliation.

Barcelona has not advanced from the Champions League group for the fourth time in history and after 21 long years.

Barcelona is not Barcelona a few seasons this season. The long-destroyed club has experienced a lot of controversy, which does not bring comfort even to the field. Many sports decisions, including transfer policy, have also put the club on the verge of bankruptcy.

Barcelona tried in Munich, there is no question about that. However, it is a team currently approaching a better average, but certainly not a world leader. Bayern, as in the first match in the group (3: 0), looked more mature, allowing the opponent only what he wanted. He dominated holding the ball and shooting at the goal, scoring more passes.

Bayern won by class difference, the match could have ended 5: 0 or 6: 0, if Leroy Sané converted two more 100% chances in addition to a beautiful goal shot. The sad result for Barcelona was enhanced by the atmosphere, and Munich’s stadium was completely empty due to pandemic measures.

“Victory in Munich would not be a miracle. We can beat anyone, “coach Xavi said before the match. The match with Bayern showed that it was short

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