The Houston Texans aren’t intimidated by Bryce Young’s height

With Houston looking for a quarterback, head coach DeMeco Ryans plans to bring the Alabama quarterback for an official visit.

The former pin of Alabama, Bryce Younghas heard the criticism about its size, and this week was no exception.

On Monday, from the meetings of the owners of the NFL in Phoenix, to the head coach of the Houston Texans, DeMeco Ryanswas asked his opinion regarding one of the most coveted prospects in the draft, and his short-average height for a quarterback.

“For BryceI know there is a lot of talk about its size,” offered The Ryans. “The guy has done it all at the highest level of college football, and size didn’t seem to be an issue. I don’t see it as an issue, because you watch the video, and if you put the video on, you see a guy play and You see how smart he plays. You see the precision. You see how calm this guy is in critical moments.”

Young he stood at 5-foot-10 1/8 at the scouting combine, weighing in at 204 pounds. Despite the measurables of it, however, it is expected that Young be a Top-10 recruit come April.

how small is Younghistorically?

Since 2006, only three quarterbacks who have measured under the 6-foot mark at the combine have been drafted, according to data from ESPN Stats & Information. those three are Kyler Murray (first overall recruit of 2019 by the Arizona Cardinals), Russell Wilson (third round in 2019, Seattle Seahawks) y Johnny Manziel (No. 22 overall in 2014, Cleveland Browns).

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Los Texans they own the second overall pick and the No. 12 first-round pick in the first draft of The Ryans as head coach of the team. With Houston looking for a quarterback The Ryans also said that the Texans plan to take Young for official visit.

Until now, Murray has been elected twice Pro Bowl in four campaigns, and Wilson nine times in 11 seasons. Wilson He was also the starting quarterback for the Seahawks when they imposed on the Denver Broncos in it Super Bowl XLVIII. With respect to Manzielthrew seven touchdown passes and seven interceptions in eight starts for the Browns in two campaigns, before being released.

In addition to the height of Young, her weight has been a topic of further debate. At the current weight of Youngwould be the lightest quarterback selected in the first round since 2006. Murray y Manziel they are currently tied for the lowest listed weight at 207 pounds.

But based on what The Ryans seen in the 2021 campaign videos (when Young won the Heisman Trophy) and last season, the head coach said the size of the quarterback wouldn’t necessarily scare off players. Texans.

“When you see those things, the size is not one of the factors that stands out in the video like, ‘Oh man, that’s a problem,'” he said. The Ryans. “Again, you just look at the record, you see what he’s done in the SEC, the highest level of college football, he’s been successful, and I think he’s going to be successful in the NFLalso”.

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