“The housing market does not end at the city limits”

Würzburg. The housing market in the city and parts of the district of Würzburg has been tight for years. The demand is growing, at the same time the supply is scarce. The result is rising rents and high purchase prices for real estate. And an easing of the situation is not in sight without targeted action.

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The geographer Tobias Jacobs from the Leipzig consulting firm Timourou is certain of that. At the last meeting of the inter-municipal committee for the city and district of Würzburg, he was commissioned by the city administration and district office to provide insights into the results of the joint “Action Concept for Housing” and for the first time presented concrete possible fields of action.

As a reminder: In July 2020, the inter-municipal committee advocated a joint update and update of the city’s housing action plan, taking into account the development and needs in the district of Würzburg. The housing market consultants from Timourou were awarded the contract in a call for tenders and have since developed a concept together with the city planning department of the university town and the district development department at the Würzburg district office.

“Many topics such as climate protection, mobility, work but also living are on our common, inter-municipal agenda,” emphasize the district administrator and mayor.

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Tobias Jacobs first showed the IKA members where the journey is heading in the coming years: Overall, he assumes that demand on the housing market will continue to grow. The city and district have each grown by a good 3,500 residents in the past six years. Due to the tense situation in the city area, a migration to the district can be observed at the same time.

The fact that the city and district are now trying to find a common path on the housing market is “a special format”, the expert found, “but also logical”.

Jacobs therefore suggested agreeing on a common goal and developing a tailor-made strategy for the city and district administration.

1200 new homes by 2025

In fact, drafts are already available from the respective offices. In urban planning, for example, the short-term creation of 1,200 apartments by 2025 is targeted, with around 500 additional ones subject to rent.

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But with all this, it’s no longer just about the quantity, but also about the type of apartments. In the district, for example, new forms of housing and multi-storey apartment buildings are to be given greater focus in the future. Based on typifications of the housing markets, different action strategies are to be broken down even down to the level of the individual municipalities or inter-municipal alliances.

According to the housing market researcher, one of the main goals is to relax the housing markets in the city and district of Würzburg and thus slow down the rise in rents. To achieve this, it is important to create affordable housing and, where it already exists, to maintain it. In addition, the living environment should be adapted even more to senior citizens in the coming years and attention should be paid to a better social mix. Various forms of age-appropriate housing would gain in importance, especially in the district, in the coming years. In the long term, according to Jacobs, “more compactly built alternatives” to the single-family house and economical use of space should be sought. “The city of Würzburg only has limited new construction potential for single-family homes, as the study by the Timourou office shows for the short and medium-term future, which summarizes the relevant housing market data and the results of the housing market forecast for 2035,” emphasizes Lord Mayor Christian Schuchardt. “Even in the case of multi-family houses, short-term new construction is still necessary. Despite all the construction activity, the urban housing market is and will remain tight. This leads to further suburbanization such as commuting. So the housing market does not end at the city limits. It therefore makes sense to tackle the issue of housing together with the district in order to develop joint solutions.”

cooperation very important

“Apartments for singles for young and older people, housing for the elderly, flat shares for all generations, densification, inner development, affordable housing, energy-efficient living and many other keywords must be worked on in order to cover the demand for housing for the different needs of the population. That’s why cooperation between the district, the district municipalities and the city of Würzburg is so important,” says District Administrator Thomas Eberth.

The stadt.land.wu. unanimously recommended that the objectives and approaches for action be tackled together. A presentation of the results and recommendations for the action plan is to be presented to the city council and district council in the first half of 2022. pm



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