The house was locked back and forth and not allowed to enter, the husband was desperate to break the window glass and then killed his wife’s life in front of his children, then sent a photo of his body to in-laws to neighbors – all pages

Sosok.ID – I don’t know what’s on this guy’s mind to the point that he has the heart kill his wife right in front of his two children.

Not only that, he even sent a photo of his wife’s body to his in-laws.

Reported Sosok.ID from The Sun, the cruel man named Dmitry Sergeev (26).

He was sentenced to 3 years in prison for kill his wife, Svetlana Sergeeva in Zlatoust, Russia.

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According to court documents, the murder incident occurred when Sergeev was returning home drunk after drinking with his friends.

Because Svetlana locked the door of the house, Sergeev then broke the window to enter.

Filled with anger, Sergeev then beat his wife in front of his 10-month-old and five-year-old children.

The two boys watched with their own eyes as their mother was beaten to death by their father.

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A 5 year old boy who is Svetlana’s child from a previous marriage said “Dmitry hit his mother, she fell to the floor and didn’t wake up again,” said her grandparents.

After lying lifeless, Sergeev took a picture of his wife’s body and sent the photo to his in-laws.

She even showed the photo to neighbors and said she was “fed up with Svetlana’s drinking”.

Neighbors said they found the mother of three lying stiff on the floor while her children tried to wake her up.

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Natalia Kocheva, a neighbor of the couple, told local media: “Dmitry came and showed the photo and said ‘look, he’s very drunk’.

“When I came to their apartment to check on him, he was already lying on the floor.

“Her baby girl was crawling close to her body and her son, Matvey, was trying to wake her up.”

He added: “His body was not inflating, and I realized that he was not breathing.”

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Natalia said she asked Sergeev to call an ambulance and call the police.

The medics who came immediately confirmed that Svetlana had died and the police immediately secured Sergeev.

Sergeev has been detained for one year while the police are investigating the case.

After a forensic examination, it was revealed that Svetlana had died from a heart attack during the attack.

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On November 11, 2020, the judge indicted Sergeev on charges of assault resulting in accidental death.

Sergeev was sentenced to three years in prison, during which one year was spent during the investigation process.

Svetlana’s family rated the sentence as ‘very light’ and will appeal the decision.

Svetlana’s father, Anatoly Chilinstev said: “The court’s decision was very lenient. It was a murder case.

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“He tried to cover it up by cleaning the blood on the floor.”

The grieving father continued: “He beat him black and blue.

“His face and neck were covered with bad bruises when his body was taken to the morgue.

“We will submit a ban on the decision.”

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