the Houppy-trail, a partially masked time trial

The Coronavirus disrupts the lives of athletes. Tournaments canceled, competitions postponed. This is also the case for amateur athletes.
In the world of running for example, jogging and trails have disappeared from the calendars for weeks.

But in Namur, it is again possible to compete with others. Since this morning, two marked and timed routes (10 and 20 km) have been offered to trail runners. The competition looks like a big time trial that will take place over a week. Athletes must register online in advance. They choose a day of departure, present themselves that day to collect their bib. No mass start, hydroalcoholic gel at the start and finish, wearing a mask on part of the course.

“We impose the wearing of the mask for the first and the last kilometer that take the towpaths,” explains Florian Badoux, the organizer of the Houppy-Trail. “The city has imposed the wearing of masks on the banks of the Meuse for a few days, we have adapted.”

The instructions are respected by the runners present this Saturday

“It’s not obvious but luckily it’s for a short distance,” tells us Michael, a jogger from Liège who came to Namur for the occasion.

Departure on the banks of the Meuse, climb and trudge in the woods of the Citadel, before returning to the starting point.

“Like HORECA, the sports events industry must adapt,” details Florian Badoux. “With this organization, we want to show that it is possible to set up events. People often train to participate in races, but with the passing months, we feel that the motivation tends to fade. . We want to revive this motivation, so that people continue to play sports and participate in events. “

The Namur competition runs until August 7. The organizers are already announcing another such event in Profondeville from August 15 to 23.

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