The hosts lost 0:37 in a bizarre match. They were afraid and did not want the risky Pikon

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“There is the second bottom of the CBA entry into the Polish Football Association. Boniek was hiding in this situation” [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #63]

Ripdorf was due to face SV Holdenstedt II in 11th on SundayI go German football (3rd district class from Lower Saxony). Preparations for this match were very difficult due to the situation in the Holdenstedt team. According to the president of Ripdorf, the visiting team had contact with a person who was ill Covid-19 during the clash with Eddelstorf. The test results did not confirm this because they gave a negative result.

The SG Ripdorf / Molzen II team did not agree to play the match on the scheduled date, because 14 days have not passed since the first contact with the infected in the rivals’ team. The hosts demanded that the meeting be postponed, but their request was rejected by the local union. Interestingly, the meeting of the first Holdenstedt team was postponed without any problems.

Ripdorf SG players boycotted the game against Holdenstedt II. “They didn’t want to risk”

Ripdorf had no choice but to face the second team of Holdenstedt in an unusual way. The hosts’ players followed the distance protocol and avoided during the game gameswithout disturbing the rivals in the action. After SG Ripdorf started playing, they moved to the sideline and allowed the Holdenstedt players to score more goals. The hosts sometimes returned to the field, but mostly avoided duels, did not attack and sometimes stood on the goal line. In such a situation, the guests organized a real shooting festival, hitting the Ripdoprf net 37 times.

See the bizarre pictures of the match in the 11th German league:

– We don’t attribute anything to anyone and we can’t confirm any contacts. But some players didn’t want to take any chances. So why did part of the team appear? Because the club is in a bad financial situation during the coronavirus pandemic and we cannot afford to be fined. We are responsible – explained the coach of SG Ripdorf Florian Bachmann. At the same time, the coach announced that both groups will be split into the next training sessions. Therefore, the team should not play together for the next two weekends.

Several players on our other team told us that they would like to avoid contact with SV Holdenstedt players in order to be safe. The entire coaching staff and club directors are responsible for the team and of course accept this situation. To contain possible chains of infection, it should be in everyone’s interest. At the same time, as a club, we must be careful not to incur unnecessary penalties for not showing up on the pitch during a pandemic. This would worsen the club’s financial situation. So we are in trouble, explained Ripdrof CEO Patrik Ristow later, quoted by

“There was no reason not to play football”

Florian Schierwater, the coach of the rivals, had a different opinion on the subject. – There was no reason not to play football. None of our players have had contact with the Eddelstorf footballer (allegedly he was supposed to test positive for the presence of coronavirus). Half of the team didn’t even have to go to tests, said coach Holdenstedt, according to the health department.

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