The Hospital Valle de los Pedroches hosts the exhibition ‘Calvas & Bellas’

The Hospital Valle de los Pedroches hosts the exhibition ‘Calvas & Bellas’ of the Spanish Association Against Cancer that will be available from this Sunday, May 16 until June 16 in the corridors of the Hospital’s Outpatient Offices.

The opening ceremony was attended by other professionals and friends, Juan de la Haba, doctor oncologist and promoter of the exhibition, Javier Cantero, Project Coordinator, Ana Leal, managing director of the North Sanitary Area of ​​Córdoba, María Jesús Arias, president of the Association Against Cancer of Pozoblanco and Caridad Diosdado, model of some of the photographs in the exhibition.

Specifically, it is a selection of 20 photographs that offer the vitalistic and optimistic gaze of women who are fighting, or have fought, against cancer and who lend their image altruistically. The objective is to offer a positive message that ‘cancer and life are possible’ and to sensitize the population to the importance of mammograms as the most effective weapon against breast cancer.

This exhibition is an initiative promoted by Dr. Juan de la Haba himself, who with the help of different hospitals and different institutions, and also of course thanks to the courage of ten Cordovan women who show themselves in nature to end the complexes and social stigma, aims to offer citizens a different view of the disease

With these photographs it is shown that the disease, its treatment and its consequences are not ‘at odds’ with happiness, beauty and a smile. For yet another year, the selfless work of photographers such as Antonio Berzosa, María José Torrico, José Antonio Grueso, Katy Gómez, José Cobos, Samira Ouf, Enrique Moya, Eva Ortiz, José Barranco and Jerónimo Tinoco, and the collaboration of different sponsors has made possible the organization of this exhibition in which these professionals have managed to capture the essence and the best of its protagonists. These are, finally, 20 photographs that reflect feelings of vitality, joy and optimism of women who know this disease very closely. In addition, from the hand of this exhibition also comes the desire that citizens perceive their hospital or health center in a different way, a place where they not only talk about disease and pain, but also, and above all, about prevention, of self-responsibility of each one in their care, healing and health.

This AECC exhibition insists on offering a positive message and an optimistic way of facing cancer and is, especially, a cry for early detection. To do this, from the North Sanitary Area of ​​Córdoba and through the AECC, all women between 50 and 69 years of age are invited to participate in the Breast Cancer Early Detection Program of the Ministry of Health, undergoing a mammogram, the most effective measure to fight breast cancer.

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