The HORRORS of 2020 of our celebrities

Since the times in which Latin was spoken there was a saying that affirmed that to err is human, but when it is a famous person who messes up, it is more funny, really. This year it did not promise anything in terms of celebrities messing it up due to confinement, but yes: we have seen them in some resignation eating like animals, going down the street with a few pints that mortals would not even think of or simply doing the chorra in front of the cameras. And here they do not fight from the most common celebrities to ‘royals’ or ‘presidents’. If in the end we are not made of so different pastes …

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Jack Black

This is how fanciful the actor of ‘Jumanji: the next level’, Jack Black, appeared at the gala of ‘The art of Elysium’ held in Los Angeles: with corduroy pants, a shirt with a galactic wolf and a Santa level beard Claus.


Lilly Allen

The face of British songwriter, presenter and singer Lily Allen is one of ‘I buy vocal and I resolve’. Everything indicates that they were speaking to him in a language that he did not understand.


Mario Vargas Llosa

Piece of yawn released by the writer Mario Vargas Llosa during a tennis tournament … Thus, without covering his mouth or ‘na’. Isabel Preysler no longer knew where to get in the face of the Nobel Prize’s ‘head butts’.


Kate Middleton

‘Really’ no one controls nature, nor the future (which with how long they are in the English royal family that will be in another century) Queen Kate Middleton: substitute the one who took when she realized that the air was trying to rise Skirt!


Laura Sanchez

Laura S├ínchez’s skirt will not be discreet, but it cannot be denied that it is fresh for the summer. We already imagined the flea market version of the design and how the vendors would announce it at the top of their lungs: “Skirts with built-in air conditioning, ladies, take them off my hands.”


Jason Momoa

Sporty on the front, elegant on the back. But what is that glitter-laden foulard that Jason Momoa wears hooking to his pants?


Diego Pablo Simeone

This summer, Simeone was enjoying a few days with the family at the beach. Surely he boasts of photos with his friends, although not this one in particular. You have gone over with the cream friend!


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was going to the James Corden show. Why did he make such weird faces? Did he not like the food they put on him? the presenter asked the singer some very compromising questions, which they can only avoid by tasting dishes made with ingredients such as beef tongue or bird saliva.

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