The horror behind free textbooks

The night wraps with fear that terrifies

To the poor world, which is astonished with horror


You can bear the horrors while you simply bow your head; but as soon as you reflect, they kill you.


I see what is happening with the textbooks and CONALITEG, and I think of my great-grandfather turning in his grave. Martin Luis Guzmanone of those who conceived and then carried out the creation of free textbooks in Mexico, in addition to the first head of the aforementioned Commission, would die again upon learning of the path he has taken at 4T in the matter.

His proposal then, and that of many education experts, was simple and, at the same time, one of a deep sense of social justice: to bring knowledge to the children and youth of Mexico through the free text books. That the socioeconomic situation or the place where the little ones lived were NOT impediments for the educational material to be at hand.

Now, over the years, the function of education in Mexico, as in the rest of the world, has ceased to be to approach and transmit knowledge —thanks to technological advances, this is in one way or another within everyone’s reach and increasingly quantity—and has become learning to think (‘learning to learn’ is a consequence of this). This, unfortunately, is something that SEP does not fully understand, even less now with the unit in charge of the self-styled ‘Fourth Transformation’.

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But let’s continue: along with the evolution of the reason for education, it is logical that the instruments, means and forms of education have also changed. But it turns out that the 4T, as in many other things and areas of Mexican reality, once again uses obsolete an instrument that by itself has become obsolescent instead of becoming other new and varied instruments that facilitate approaching knowledge.

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But as if that were not enough, it happens that this government is also using free textbooks not to bring universal knowledge closer to the student body but to prescribe only ONE type of “knowledge”, that of ‘the other data’ in which the public believes. 4T.

Thus, the horror is double. Horror at mistaking the instrument to educate and horror regarding the ultimate goal for which children and young people are being “educated”.

The 4T ignores (or pretends to forget) that relevant education today basically consists of three things:

• Learn to search for information

• Learn to use the head to discern or process that information.

Learn to put into practice what was mentally and rationally processed. That is, how to solve problems, situations and challenges of daily life.

Education experts know very well that this is NOT included in ANY book (let alone those classified as textbooks). Be it one written by Lenin, by Socrates (who never wrote any text, although López Obrador says otherwise), by Irene Vallejo the why Sabina Berman.

Worse when it comes to propaganda disguised as free textbooks that what they really seek is to convince Mexican children of “the benefits” of the current government regime (National Regeneration). Because, let’s be serious, with the free 4T textbooks it’s not even about instilling an ideology. Are lampoons (or partly lampoons) that seek to deify López Obrador and the obradorismo.

Propaganda vs plurality

The proposals of Sady Arturo Loaiza, a former official of the Maduro government, today in charge within the federal government of the redesign and content of free textbooks, are not only outdated in terms of the ideology of communism, but have also been proven not to work; Populations cannot bear being governed in practice by this type of government.

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bring the Marxism, Leninism y communism In general, textbooks correspond to the propaganda of a type of regime, of that type of government that has shown to derive in dictatorial practices, in absurdities, in annihilating all possibility of development for its people.

Where were the textbooks that offered the universality of thought? That’s how the originals were and that’s how they were for decades (even during the ‘dreadful neoliberal period’…)

Those who were a compendium of expert and knowledgeable voices of various kinds; of writers, illustrators, researchers and historians, educators, artists. Those who contributed to express a plurality of conceptions and ideas. Of orientations and techniques.

How is it possible to have become the opposite? In an instrument to combat the universe of voices, to insult and despise excellence, to polarize. At 4T it subdued and pushed aside experts from various professional fields. He led merit and wisdom to be despised (or directly attacked). The “left and ‘progressive’” government being conservative and retrograde.

But the horror continues. Not satisfied with the foregoing —of putting aside the experience and knowledge of Mexicans and non-Mexicans who have left an extensive legacy to the world in various fields— this government is making itself of “public officials” who do not have the remotest idea what service to the population means, the development of quality instruments, how the pedagogy.

It is truly a slap in the face to the educational union, but also to the citizens, to the population, to Mexicans as a whole, to privilege an individual who does not know about it, who does not meet any of the requirements that are required to seek plurality. and quality of the content, but above all it is not Mexican. And for the record that in the original free textbooks foreigners of great value collaborated, as was the case of Gabriela Mistral.

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Today, however, it is decided not to recognize the wisdom and experience of Mexican professionals, which there are. In other words: not only do they go with the scum, but on top of that, they import it!

There is more: this imported propagandist acts as a “public servant” eight hours a day, although it suits us, and the rest of the day he puts on the government supplier’s cap. Yes, everything indicates that the character is part of a company that sells medical services and supplies to the federal government…

The education of the future or the “New Mexican School” does not seek to lead the student to learn by himself, to filter knowledge, to discern between different types of arguments, to think for himself. Quite the opposite is the free textbooks version 4T!

An educational tool to the detriment of education. One that not only will not help, but will harm the educational process.

Faced with these textbooks, no matter how free they are, what corresponds is to say “no thanks, pass” or, well, take them and immediately throw them away.

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