THE HOLY OF SUNDAY – A week of ordinary madness. Juve Napoli’s ruling will be a watershed of the season. Welcome Federico, let us have fun …

Summary of the week? Seven days of apparent madness. We have something for all tastes: a sports judge who is slow to issue a sentence, which according to the regulation would already be written, a 16-year-old boy insulted on his social profile only because he is brother of Federico Chiesa, television broadcasts evidently in a crisis of audience that awaken even ghosts, and last but not least a governor who to distract public opinion from far more serious situations is playing the wild card, attacking Juventus and especially the president Andrea Agnelli. The paradox is that the next few days could even lead to the famous icing on the cake. Which? Simple, the sentence to “volemose well” no match won (and I remember how much I don’t like the idea of ​​3-0 at table) and the repetition of the same, maybe in January 3 days before the match against Inter. I really hope I’m wrong, but the feeling is that this will be the epilogue with many greetings to the regulations (which dear President De Laurentis also signed up to) and to the credibility of the Italian football system.

The bad thing perceived in these days of “madness” talking on the Bianconera radio with the Juventus supporters, is the tiredness, in some cases the discouragement, of many fans, tired, rightly, of feeling oppressed. But on this aspect I would like to launch an appeal: I understand the moment, I understand the difficulty of always feeling in the eye of the storm, but this is exactly the time to gather everyone, even more united in defense of Juventus. The 9 years of consecutive successes have generated in our rivals a strong sense of frustration which in some subjects, fortunately not in all, even borders on the desire to change the format in order to stop the Bianconeri cycle. There are those who try to interrupt the Juventus domination on the pitch, reinforcing the team, copying it to the managers and coaches, while there are those who are looking for shortcuts and accomplices on the upper floors to “put a spanner in the works for those who win by many years”

Meanwhile in Europe they look at us and smile. In France, PSG without 7 players takes the field, loses and starts again. In England the problem is not posed in the least, the rules are set and we play, in Germany we look at Bayern Munich as a model and certainly not as a dangerous rival. This is why the sports judge has in hand a very important sentence that goes well beyond three points. If defeat does not arrive at the table, Italian football would give a negative signal throughout Europe, after the bad impression made already on Sunday evening. At stake is the credibility of a system and its stability. The precedent would risk blocking the season in the bud. Each club would feel free to take the Napoli road, with easily imaginable consequences. The established protocol definitely has some gaps, in which obviously the Neapolitan society has based its will not to play, but being in force as such it must be respected and followed.

The rules are not interpreted, they are respected at every latitude. I would like to add just one last thing on this topic which has taken us too much time. If what I fear should happen, that is the repetition of the match, Juve will have to dictate the rules and first of all not accept the date of 13 January.

Finally, two words of welcome to Federico Chiesa. His desire to show off in Juve will be the extra weapon of a player who has yet to give the best of himself. We are moving towards a decidedly front-wheel drive Juve, as well as in the ideas of Andrea Pirlo. I don’t know how the season will end (and if it will end), but I know that the desire to see this Juve rejuvenated and with great offensive potential is really great. So I go back to those fans who have been tried in recent weeks. Leave controversy, rumors, distortions and bad things in a corner and focus on this beautiful team that is being born. I promise you: it will be fun….

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