the hole widens, the ground keeps its mysteries

The mayor of Celles-sur-Belle, Sylvie Brunet does not have both feet in the same shoe. From the early hours of Saturday, December 19, the hole in rue des Mésanges observed around 6.30 a.m., she was on site to take, with gendarmes and firefighters, the necessary decisions: establishment of a security perimeter, closure from the street to traffic and evacuation of the nearest houses.

Enedis, GrDF, Sertad arrived in the early afternoon. The arrival of electricians is also the cause of a second hole, where the truck parked with its portable arm.

So a Gruyère, this rue des Mésanges? No, you can’t say that. But it is true that the lime-clay mixture tends to disintegrate on contact with water. A few years ago, another hole was found about fifty meters further down the street.

A “site” meeting

This Monday morning, December 21, Sylvie Brunet participated in a “site” meeting around the 3-meter-deep hole.

There were gendarmes, firefighters, a representative of the BRGM, geological and mining research office, the Sertad sanitation service, a representative of the State, technicians from the municipality and the community of municipalities.

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Dry the hole

Everyone could see that the hole had widened further since Saturday.Our first job will be to dry out the hole and prevent rainwater from entering it by means of tarpaulins., declared this Monday, at the beginning of the afternoon, Sylvie Brunet.

Then comes the “background” work. A geologist was expected on Monday. Finally, we will have to wait a few days.

Offices specializing in soil studies are in great demand since a soil study is required for each new construction.. This was not the case when the rue des Mésanges was created in the mid-1970s.

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“Geological phenomenon or underground cavities? “

The first celloise magistrate expects the geological surveyor to determine whether the hole, which has formed around the electric pole at 15 rue des Mésanges, is due to a dynamic geological phenomenon or to underground cavities which have not been detected ”.

Sylvie Brunet repeats it: This housing estate is over forty years old and not a house has a crack in the walls. In these conditions…

Originally: a water leak

If the nature of the soils in the rue des Mésanges sector requires geological expertise, one thing is certain: it is a leak in a water pipe that is the cause of the obstruction of the road and the sidewalk. . The water was also cut off at the level of the hole and the neighbors of the houses concerned were connected by bypass to another water network.

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While it does not appear to have widened, the hole around the utility pole widened over the weekend.

Near Niort. Collapsed roadway in Celles-sur-Belle: the hole widens, the ground keeps its

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