The hockey team solves a big dilemma: Who to score for Beijing?

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Of course I’m not happy about that, that’s for sure. When you make your first nomination, you make a assumption. So we counted on the trio Petr Mrázek, Pavel Francouz, David Rittich. But all three had or still have health problems. So I’m waiting to see what happens in the end, “Orct snarls.

Frost returns to the Toronto goal in the first half of December at the earliest due to a groin injury, the Frenchman even caught for Colorado for the last time in August last year due to protracted health problems.

Czech goalkeepers in the NHL this season
Name The team Matches Goal average Success interventions Zeros
Karel Vejmelka ARI 10 2,84 91,3%
Vítek Vaněček WSH 9 2,51 90,6%
Daniel Vladař CGY 2 2,94 89,1%
Petr Mrázek TOR 2 4,20 87,7%
Pavel Francouz (COL) is unable to catch due to an injury
David Rittich (NSH) returns after coronavirus

“It simply came to our notice then. If the Olympics were now, there wouldn’t be much left of what we had planned, “admits Orct.

Vítek Vaněček from Washington.

Frank Franklin II, ČTK / AP

However, he is pleased with the performances of Vítek Vaněček from Washington and Karel Vejmelka from Arizona, who still worked in the extra-league Kometa Brno last season. “I didn’t expect him to fit into the NHL like this. It’s a surprise for me, “the former goalkeeper of Litvínov or Kladno nods appreciatively.

“Moreover, after the season in Brno, which I would say was not one of his best. In my opinion, he caught better the year before. Of course, he records the team on which Arizona was injured, number one, it didn’t work out. It’s the same, but it’s part of it, “Orct says of Vejmelek.

Karel Vejmelka from Arizona.

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Michael Reaves, ČTK / AP

He has caught ten games for Arizona so far. “It simply came to our notice then. For me, the measure is at least half a season. If it lasts, hats off, “says Orct, who regrets that 24-year-old Daniel Vladař doesn’t get more opportunities in Calgary.

And so Orct thinks up and down whether to reach for the experience of the Beijing goalkeepers or to go into a partial risk with the national team untested by Vejmelka and Vaněček.

Petr Mrázek from Toronto will not catch at least in November.

Nick Turkeyro, Reuters

“Vaňous shows excellent performances, so why couldn’t he show them at the Olympics? But I agree that it would be a step into the big unknown. So the question arises as to which way to go. In addition, here in Europe we have tried – albeit in a way inexperienced – Simon Hrubec and Roman Will, “says the Orct duo of Continental League goalkeepers.

“But I still believe that the experienced NHL guys will come together,” Orct hopes, not even rejecting the French in his plans, even though he hasn’t caught a single game in the last fourteen months.

Pavel Francouz last caught up for Colorado in August last year.


“The Olympics is a fortnightly tournament and is about its current form. I myself was a goalkeeper who, although he did not catch for two months, then still caught on well after a two-month break. But as a coach, I know that taking such a goalkeeper is fifty to fifty. Therefore, I would rather take a goalkeeper who will be in the lauf at that moment, “he must admit.

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When determining the goalkeeper trio, they must take into account not only their performance. “It’s also important to make sure that the boys get along well and really form one team. To support each other and there was the right chemistry, “Orct knows.


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