The history of the Royal well known to locals

At the turn of the last century, the Domergue family were wealthy landowners. They were rightly called “the rich” and the Meyrannais were very respectful in view of the rank they held within the village.

Louis Domergue died last December at the age of 98, he was one of the owners of the Royal, this immense country house which runs along the road which leads to Saint-Ambroix and which we call the Royal.

His aunts, who were referred to as the Domergue ladies, lived in another wing of the building. The mansion also housed Louis’s sister who was honorably called Mademoiselle Pépé (certainly a diminutive of her first name) who remained celibate all her life.

Across the road were the farrier Terrier and the carpenter Domergue who was unrelated to the family.

Louis Domergue had three boys. The family employed people in their service, which was unusual in the village and lived off the fruit of its many estates and vineyards.

The Domergues were pious people, so they regularly lent their immense domain so that the free school of the Plateau and the priest Fages organize the annual festival and the fair. It was pure happiness for the elementary students who gathered there with their families because the festivities lasted two days. Since then the Royal has changed hands. Louis Domergue was living in one of his properties in Plauzolles when he died. In this circumstance, the Meyrannais want to remember.

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