“The highest grossing film in the history of Magic Frames and us”

Prithviraj said that Tiger is the highest grossing film in the history of Magic Frames and Prithviraj Productions. He revealed it during the successful film Tiger. Prithvi said that he has decided to do the character story of Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan’s father Kaduvakkunnel Korat Mappila and if Mammooka and Laletan do not appear then he himself will die.


In 2017, Jinu was the first to talk about the tiger. It was a time when films of this type were becoming alienated in Malayalam cinema. It was a time when part of the public kept telling themselves that movies portrayed as mass commercial entertainers on a large scale are no longer to our taste. The big fans of these films like me and Unni (Unni Mukundan) are people who have a burning desire to act in such films and have such films. So the first film I directed also belonged to that category.

After that people always ask me why I stay away from commercial action movies. Such films have a huge responsibility. If such a great film is attempted and unsuccessful, it will do a great injustice to those films. It was also decided that if such a film was to be made, it had to be made with full belief that it would be work.

The tiger was the best subject of the stories I heard in this series. I decided that if I did this, I wouldn’t miss anything. If you want to direct it, you have to call the head of action films himself. So he was called Shajietan (Shaji Kailas). At that time, Shajietan was away from Malayalam cinema for fifteen years. At my insistence he came and listened to the story. For me, the biggest recognition Tiger got was when he said he was going to do this movie.

I’m not an actor who brought back a director who took a six-year hiatus. I am an actor who was lucky enough to play in Shajietan after taking a break for six years when he decided to make a film. I’m a big fan of shajietan. My assistants know this very well. He also inspired me in my directing style. From Asuravansam to Tiger, I learned a lot from him.

Tiger is a big statement. It is thanks to the success of Tiger that we know such films are still relevant today. Katuva is the highest grossing film in the history of Magic Frames and Prithviraj Productions. I am also happy to be a part of this film.

Jinu and I want Mammooka, Laletan or Sureshetan to act like Korath Mappila in the Kaduvakkunnel. If none of them agree, I myself will go down. It was told to Jinu and Shajietan. We are a team that wants to make great films.

I will also play the lead role in Shajiyatan’s next film. The movie is called Kappa. I saw that movie in its entirety. Kappa is one of the best films of Shajiyatan. Kappa is not a completely commercial entertainer like Tiger. It’s also a very positive looking film.

Tiger is a project that has overcome many crises. One person to mention in this regard is Listyn Stephen. Listin has been with me in every endeavor I’ve done in the past year and a half. Listin was also involved in the distribution of 3 films KGF 2, Charlie 777 and Kantara. I’m in this group of big dreams. It can be said that it is a small group. When I look at it like that, I see Vattan more than I did when I got to know the list. He seemed like a good person to be with. Many projects would not have been realized without Listin. “Prithviraj Productions would not have become such a profitable production company without Magic Frames and Listin Stephen,” said Prithviraj.

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