The high-quality costume short drama “The Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty under the Microscope” is scheduled to be released on February 9. Zhang Ruoyun and a group of talented actors will show their talents and investigate the mystery

Source title: The boutique costume short drama “The Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty under the Microscope” is scheduled to be released on February 9th Zhang Ruoyun and other powerful actors will show their talents to investigate the mystery case

Co-produced by iQiyi and Liubai Film and Television, the film and television drama “Under the Microscope” is the chief producer of Ma Boyong, director Pan Anzi, screenwriters Ma Boyong and Zhou Rongyang, iQiyi Senior Vice President Dai Ying, and Liubai Film and Television founder Xu Kang. The “Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty” (hereinafter referred to as “The Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty”) today released the trailer for “Laughing and Exploring the Wonderful Case” and the poster of “Li Xia in the Melon Field”. . The play is starred by Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Yang, and Qi Wei, with Wu Gang and Gao Yalin as special stars, and Fei Qiming and others. It tells the story of Shuai Jiamo (played by Zhang Ruoyun), an arithmetic genius, who discovered a century-old tax error by accident, and was involved in a battle between open and secret in the error correction.

The fixed-file material is very comical, the mystery of Ding Sijuan, everyone shows their talents

Today’s “Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty” released a set of “Melon Field and Plum” posters. The simple and fresh style of painting, the use of fisheye lenses, and the interesting composition present a variety of Ming styles, integrating texture and sense of comedy. , It is eye-catching. In the poster, each character is holding a “sharp weapon”, and the different items falling from above convey the unique setting of the characters in the play, such as Shuai Jiamo (played by Zhang Ruoyun) fingering a silk book, the screen is scattered and counting, highlighting the importance of numbers Cheng Renqing (played by Wang Yang) holds a fan of “Majestic Righteousness” in his hand, and the falling documents also symbolize his proficiency in the law; Feng Biyu (played by Qi Wei) holds a ham in his hand, and the Abacus means her position in Feng’s Ham Shop; Fan Yuan (played by Wu Gang)’s fishing rod and silver, Huang Ningdao (played by Gao Yalin)’s lottery and chess pieces, and Feng Baoyu (played by Fei Qiming)’s jade pendant and Pai Gow, The amount of information is full, and the overall effect is interesting and eye-catching. People can’t help but think about their relationship with the silk case and what role they play in it, which is very exciting.

In addition, in the preview of “Laughing and Exploring the Curious Case”, the character and characteristics of the characters are more vividly and delicately expressed. With the lines of the characters, you can feel the unique “funny” characteristics of the series, creating a different sense of surprise. The trailer starts with Shuai Jiamo’s sentence “There is a big omission in the tax books of Renhua County, a huge mistake”, leading to a tax of 3530 taels. The raising of a taxation issue has attracted a group of people to fight, some people are seeking the truth, and some people are secretly using tricks. The case of being beaten in a letter, the truth about the fire when he was young, and his life hanging by a thread in the execution ground… Many crises followed one after another, what is so tricky about the silk tax for human beings? How should Shuai Jiamo successfully break the situation and restore the truth about Ding Sijuan.

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Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Yang and Wu Gang are combined for the second time, and the relationship between the characters of multiple camps is full of highlights

Since the official announcement of the cast of “The Silk Case of Ming Dynasty”, it has aroused strong expectations from the audience. Zhang Ruoyun, as a representative of young talented actors, has a good reputation for his strength. He has starred in popular dramas such as “Police Honor”, “Celebrating More Than Years” and “Knife in the Snow”. As the “Uncle Circle Male God”, Wang Yang has also appeared in many word-of-mouth works such as “The World” and “The Rebel” in recent years. It is worth mentioning that this is the second collaboration between Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Yang, and Wu Gang. Many netizens are looking forward to what kind of surprises this time will bring. , Fang Fangbin and other actors have joined, and the strong lineup has filled the expectations of many audiences.

In addition to the surprising cast, the relationship between the characters in the series is also quite interesting. After Shuai Jiamo accidentally discovered a big omission in the tax account book of Renhua County, he started the road of error correction and verification. Common people, officials, squires, and different camps were involved in the silk case, entangled constantly, and fought each other.

As one of the producers and producers of “The Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty”, Liubai Film and Television has been intensively cultivating the drama market for many years. Production experience of multi-genre high-quality drama series. The opening drama king “Hurricane”, which has exploded in ratings, popularity and word-of-mouth a few days ago, is also produced and produced by Liu Bai Film and Television. “The Silk Case of the Ming Dynasty” is iQiyi’s first high-quality costume short play, with novel themes, short and concise. Starting from February 9th, iQIYI will broadcast exclusively on the entire network. Watch everyone gain insights into Daming and show off their magical powers, so stay tuned!

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