The Hidden Dangers of Eating Tanghulu: Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Tooth Damage, Jaw Joint Damage, and Skin Wrinkles

The Hidden Dangers of Eating Tanghulu: Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Tooth Damage, Jaw Joint Damage, and Skin Wrinkles

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Following brown sugar and malatang, these days are no longer enough to be called the ‘era of Tanghulu’. Sweet and crunchy Tanghulu, is it really okay to eat it often?

Tanghulu, made by putting fruit on a long skewer and hardening sugar syrup, contains 10 to 25 g of sugar. Of course, this is based on one skewer, which is half of the recommended daily sugar intake. The calories are around 200 kcal, which is also quite high since one bowl of rice is a little over 300 kcal. I just enjoy the fruit a little sweetly, but is it really a big problem?

To start with the correct answer, if you eat it often, it becomes a problem. The problem is not with the sugar, which is the main ingredient in syrup, but with the starch syrup added to create a transparent, jewel-like appearance. This is because it is a simple sugar that puts a strain on blood vessels and blood. Where is that? With the development of agriculture, the overall sugar content has increased compared to previous fruits, and even stevia to mango, which has stevia, which is 300 times sweeter than sugar, is eaten with sugar added. What changes will happen if you eat a lot and often?


Sugar in the blood is processed by insulin. When a large amount of sugar enters the body at once, the pancreas, which secretes insulin, also becomes busy. If this process is repeated, ‘insulin resistance’ may occur, where blood sugar levels do not fall even if sufficient insulin is secreted. Insulin resistance can easily lead to type 2 diabetes.

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fatty liver

It is not caused simply by drinking too much alcohol. If you consume too much simple sugar, the remaining sugar in the blood cannot be excreted and is stored in fat. If this condition repeats, it can result in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. It’s called fatty liver. If you have fatty liver, you can easily feel tired and lethargic.

tooth damage

You may remember, but comedian Hong Yun-hwa lost her implant while doing Tanghulu mukbang. Tanghulu that is not evenly coated with sugar syrup is hard or sharp. If you chew these parts incorrectly, your teeth will be damaged. As incontinence accumulates, it can crack or break even with a mild impact. On the other hand, Tanghulu that has not hardened properly is sticky and sticks easily to teeth.

jaw joint damage

In most cases, Tanghulu is stored in the freezer to harden the sugar syrup well. Tanghulu that is taken out right away is relatively hard, so it puts a strain on the jaw and muscles when chewing. If you repeat this action and apply a lot of force for a moment, it can cause jaw joint disease.

skin wrinkles

If you frequently eat Tanghulu, which contains a large amount of sugar, sugar will build up in your body. When sugar accumulates, the regenerative ability of cells easily decreases. Slow cell regeneration accelerates skin aging. If left untreated, fine wrinkles will increase and damaged skin will take a long time to fully recover.

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