The hermit explains why he has been living alone for 40 years

The man is sure that everyone dreams of such a life, but they are afraid to give up the comforts of civilization.

British hermit Ken Smith lived alone for about 40 years. Now he told why he decided to isolate himself from people. Writes about it Daily Mail.

He lived in Scotland on the shores of Lough Treig, which in Gaelic sounds like the Lake of Death. He ate fish and wild berries. All the time, the man lived without electricity and running water, which, according to him, does not cause any trouble.

Smith decided to become a hermit at the age of 26 after a severe beating. As a result, he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. He spent a month in a coma, but recovered.

After that, he decided that he would only live by his own rules. First, the Briton traveled on foot in the United States and Great Britain, and then he independently built a wooden house on the banks of Loch Treig.

But in 2019 he had a stroke again and was forced to resort to the help of people.

“One day I will get sick again. Something will happen and I will die, like everyone else. But I hope to live here until the age of 102,” the hermit summed up.

We will remind, earlier 81-year-old hermit David Lidstone, who lived for 30 years in a forest hut, returned to the people.

The hermit leaves the island where he lived for 32 years

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