The herbal tea recommended by herbalists when you are very nervous

“Who wants to be happy, there is no certainty of tomorrow” is the most famous verse of the “Canzona di Bacco” composed by Lorenzo the Magnificent. 530 years after its writing, especially in today’s modernity, we grasp the importance of a life without too many burdens.

If this is true, you need to avoid getting nervous as much as possible. All the more so when it comes to trivial matters that concern everyday life.

And if we get stressed out more than we should, we can drink a herbal tea to come back to us. For this reason, today we see what is the herbal tea recommended by herbalists when you are very nervous.

Medicinal herbs against stress

A particularly busy and stressful day also affects the evening and sometimes the night. If we have received yet another nuisance at work, we risk bringing a bad mood home. Not only do we lose in terms of well-being, but there is also the possibility of ruining the quality of sleep.

Thanks to numerous herbs officinalhowever, we can chase away the hatred and relax. The most recommended herbs, to be taken in particular in the evening, are lemon balm, chamomile and passion flower. Hawthorn, valerian, lavender, verbena and lime are also very important.

The herbal tea recommended by herbalists when you are very nervous


200 ml of water;

5 grams of chamomile;

5 grams of linden;

zest of one lemon.


In a saucepan, pour the water and the zest of a freshly rinsed organic lemon. The flame must be moderate. We bring to a boil and lower the stove.

We then add the chamomile and lime powder. Both herbs have highly beneficial properties. In fact, they act both on the relaxation of the muscles and on the improvement of the activity of neurotransmitters. Essential prerogatives for a restorative rest.

So let’s leave our herbal tea on the stove for just two minutes. After that we turn off the fire. We cover the saucepan and leave to infuse for another three minutes.

At this point we can consume the natural preparation and go to bed. Sweet dreams await us after a black day.


The anti-inflammatory broth that we should consume more in these months

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)

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