The heat record of September 23 was corrected at 13 stations from Kolka to Madona

On Wednesday, the record of the maximum air temperature of September 23 was broken in 13 meteorological observation stations, including a new national record was registered.

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According to the information compiled by the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, the new record is +25.5 degrees in Mērsrags.

The previous highest air temperature registered in the country on September 23 was +24.1 degrees in 2003.

The +25 degree mark was also exceeded on Wednesday at the Dobele and Jelgava observation stations, and the air temperature rose above +20 degrees throughout the country.

The September 23 record was corrected not only in Mērsrags, Dobele and Jelgava, but also in Bauska, Rīga, Rucava, Saldus, Stende, Kolka, Zvejniekciems, Ainaži, Rūjiena and Madona.

In the capital, the thermometer bar rose to +24.4 degrees, surpassing the 2003 record by 1.3 degrees.

It has already been reported that new heat records are expected on Thursday and also over the weekend, weather forecasters predict.

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