The health status of the man who fell from the balcony on social media was wondering. Information was received about the health status of that person.

Turgay E., 33, living in Küçükçekmece Halkalı Merkez Mahallesi, and his relatives on July 25 for an unknown reason. discussion started. As the people in the house took to the street, the debate grew and moved into the street. Turgay E. threw the furniture in the house to his relatives, whom he had argued with, from the balcony of his house. Turgay E., who lost his balance at that time, fell from the balcony of his house on the first floor. Those moments were reflected in the mobile phone camera. Turgay E. injured was taken to the hospital by ambulance. While Turgay E., who was treated for a while, was discharged from the hospital, it was learned that he was in good health. Police teams, which started an investigation on the subject, came to the house where the incident took place and took the testimony of Turgay E. and his relatives.

“He went out into the balcony and started throwing things down”

Husamettin Görgü, the father of the person who lost the moment of Turgay E. falling from the balcony with a cell phone camera, told those moments. Manners, “Inside fight They. His mother and brother ran away and came out. So he went up on the balcony and started throwing things down. As he threw himself fell. My daughter took the image. Then the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. The fight was inside, “he said.

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