The health personnel of Gijón warns: “I do not know how we are going to reach the third wave, people are very touched” | BE Gijón | To live that are two days Asturias

They consider that it is not the best time to demonstrate, but the situation and the discomfort has forced them to say that enough is enough. The Paseo del Muro from San Lorenzo beach, in Gijón, has hosted this Sunday a concentration in the form of a human chain with which the personnel that make up the sanitary area V he wanted to express his discomfort. They claim to feel completely exhausted and they denounce that the pandemic situation has taken them to unimaginable extremes. Feel like the ‘ugly duckling’ of the Asturian Health Service and require investment in staff why not to increase the staff will not be able to cope with a third wave of the pandemic.

The staff of health area V, made up of the councils of Gijón, Villaviciosa and Carreño, is insufficient to meet the health needs of one of the largest populations in the principality for years. Staff claim to suffer a “eventuality above what the WHO recommends“. They denounce that template extension requests To guarantee the safety and quality of care for the population, they have been patched with meager measurements, temporary and insufficient, which requires immediate investment in personnel.

Maria Jesus Garcia Duran is a nurse in the Pneumology service of the Cabueñes Hospital and points out that “professionals refuse to work in area V due to bad schedules, shift changes, permits are taken away, vacations, days off and not only for temporary but also permanent workers. It is the area where people flee The eventualities are to cover sick leave or vacations and here are the personnel who are supporting the hospital “. In To live that are two days Asturias, He added that “a few days ago the SESPA manager acknowledged that the Cabueñes hospital remains small but nobody talks about the squad“.

“The SESPA knows how we are. Now we want the population to hear our claim and make them see that if citizens continue to get sick, the toilets are not going to cope,” this nurse from Cabueñes literally said to add a recommendation not to expose themselves on these dates. Asks common sense to the population, “There will be more Christmas, it is a question of holding out for a few months” he said, confessing that “I have not hugged my parents since March, we will make a video call and we will each have dinner together at their home.”

To healthcare professionals, send a thank you message, everyone, including laundry services to maintenance, orderlies. “If it had not been for them we would not have been able to with the second wave. I do not know how we are going to get to the third, since people are very touched,” he concluded.

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