The health emergency in North Korea increases due to 186,000 possible covid infections

North Korea reported this Sunday that there are more than 186,000 new cases of “fever” that could be covid infections, which brings to 2.64 million the accumulated number of possible infections since the virus apparently began to circulate at the end of April.

Some 186,090 people showed symptoms of fever in the last 24 hours until Saturday afternoon, according to the state agency KCNA, which also reported on Sunday. a new death, possibly caused by covid, which brings the total to 67.

KCNA also noted that 579,390 people continue to receive treatment, While others 2.06 million have recovered since the regime confirmed the first case of detection of the virus on the 12th.

The figures point to a very rapid spread of covid and an unusually low mortality rate – approximately 0.003 percent – ​​in a country with no testing capabilities and no vaccines.

However, South Korean intelligence services believe that many of these “fevers” could be other diseases that circulate in the neighboring country such as measles or typhoid fever.

So much South Korea and the United States have offered health aid to the regime led by Kim Jong-un since the first cases were known, including the shipment of vaccines, without having received a response from Pyongyang to date.

US President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart, Yoon Suk-yeol, raised their offer to Pyongyang again on Saturday, as part of the White House president’s visit to South Korea from last Friday until this Sunday.

Both leaders underlined the “concern” of South Korea and the US about “the recent outbreak of covid-19” in the North, and stressed that “they are willing to work with the international community to provide assistance” to Pyongyang against the virus.

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Most experts believe that Pyongyang is already getting medical supplies from China and possibly accepting shipments from international organizations, although it does not appear that he is currently interested in receiving vaccines.

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