The Health Benefits of Raw Vegetables and Fruits for Weight Loss, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Control, and Cancer Prevention

Vegetables and fruits rich in fiber… The effect of reducing carbohydrate-fat intake

The dietary fiber in vegetables contributes to lowering blood sugar levels and lowering triglycerides. There is a limit to eating a lot of side dishes with salt. Having raw vegetables on the table helps to control blood sugar and blood pressure. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Recently, the price of vegetables and fruits has soared, and the worries of the common people are deepening. You can take care of your health by eating only vegetables and fruits. Various nutrients, such as dietary fiber, help with weight loss and control of blood sugar and blood pressure. It is rich in antioxidants and contributes to cancer prevention. What are the health benefits of always having raw vegetables and fruits on the table?

◆ Eating raw vegetables and fruits before meals, effective in weight loss?

If you always put raw vegetables and fruits on the table, you have no choice but to go to the eyes. If you eat raw vegetables and fruits before eating rice and side dishes, you can get unexpected health effects. By reducing the calorie intake of this meal, you can lose weight naturally. It’s called ‘upside down eating’. It is to eat dessert first before eating rice. Raw vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber (fiber), which gives a feeling of fullness, which reduces carbohydrate (rice) intake.

In the fasting state, the appetite is strong, so you start looking for high-calorie foods. Increased intake of carbohydrates or fats. Satiety does not come immediately after eating, so if you eat high-calorie foods and then eat fruit with a lot of sugar as dessert, you will inevitably gain weight. There is a way to start with a vegetable side dish that is high in fiber, but because it is salty, you have no choice but to eat it with rice. It is helpful to keep raw vegetables and fruits on the table at all times.

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If you eat raw vegetables or fruits during a meal, your blood sugar and blood pressure are controlled

Most of the tables are overflowing with seasoned vegetable side dishes and soup. Eat with rice to reduce the salty taste. At this time, let’s serve raw vegetables that have not been seasoned. The rich potassium component neutralizes the salty taste (sodium) and helps to discharge it out of the body. Blood pressure can be regulated naturally. However, people with poor kidneys are at risk of hyperkalemia, so it is better to refrain from taking it.

If you rarely eat side dishes and fill your stomach with rice or noodles, carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar to soar. A lot of dietary fiber in vegetables helps blood sugar rise slowly. It also contributes to reducing triglycerides in the body. There is a limit to eating a lot of side dishes with salt. Eating raw vegetables right next to it helps to control blood sugar and blood pressure.

The cancer prevention effect of vegetables and fruits… rich in antioxidants

Dietary and nutritional factors account for 20-30% of the causes of cancer. If you eat vegetables and fruits, various nutrients play a role in preventing cancer. Vegetables and fruits in their natural form are more effective in preventing cancer than in supplement form.

Vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants that reduce damage to the body. Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and the former substances of vitamin A, such as carotenoids and selenium, inhibit the action of carcinogens and prevent damage to cells and DNA. Green and yellow vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, old pumpkins, sweet pumpkins, mangoes, spinach) and fruits (apricots, citrus fruits, etc.) high in beta-carotene have lung function enhancement and anticancer effects. Tomatoes, watermelons, and grapes rich in lycopene help prevent prostate cancer and heart disease. Other vegetables and fruits also contribute to cancer prevention.

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