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“The Health Benefits and Proper Preparation of Spring Shoots: A Guide by Clinical Nutritionists”

This is a corner that points out foods or foods that cause hot issues that are good to eat at this time.
Clinical nutritionists introduce the nutrition and efficacy of foods, how to choose, how to store, and how to eat.

In spring, there are many vegetables that smell good. Dalrae, naengi, and mugwort are representative examples. You can’t leave out the ribs here either. The days are already starting to get hot, so how about meeting Dureub before spring ends? Let’s find out the benefits of shoots and how to eat them properly.

Tree shoots are taken from the shoots of shoots from the branches of an elder tree | Source: Clip Art Korea

It is a vegetable with a distinctive scent, and grows between mid-April and early May. Looking at the appearance of the shoots, the appearance is strange enough to confuse whether it is a branch, grass, or leaf. There are tree shoots and ground shoots. Young shoots from shoots from shoots of shoots are called tree shoots, and shoots taken from the ground are called ground shoots. As a similar thing, it is the new shoot of an oak tree. It is a medicinal plant that is harvested, dried, and eaten, and its stems, roots, and bark have all been used as medicines.

Saponin, quercetin, etc. rich in various physiologically active substances
What is the reason that shoots could be used for medicinal purposes? There may be various reasons, but an important ingredient is saponin. Saponins are mainly contained in plants, and they play a role in defending themselves against fungi and microorganisms. Saponin is known to be abundant in ginseng. However, like cabbage, cabbage, carrots, celery, ginger, garlic, beans, and red beans, which are easy to obtain, also contain saponins.

Saponin refers to a molecule in which sapogenin and sugar form a glycosidic bond, and is a type of plant glycoside. Glycosides are active by hydrolysis, and saponin, a glycoside of the coriander, interacts with components of cell membranes such as cholesterol and phospholipids. So, it inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in the body and helps in excretion. In addition, it helps blood circulation and is good for relieving fatigue, prevents sugar absorption, helps lower blood sugar levels, and contributes to immunity enhancement.

Wild shoots are rich in flavonoids such as saponin, quercetin, kaempferol, and hyperoside. These ingredients are also effective in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. Quercetin is a very strong ingredient with antioxidant and anticancer effects that remove active oxygen in the body. Kaempferol has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects that can control dermal damage caused by skin inflammation by a domestic research team, which was also published in Nutrients, an international journal in the field of food science in 2021. In addition, hyperoside, which is known to be abundant in rosehip, is known to be deeply related to joint health, and is also an ingredient recognized for its health functionality.

It is rich in protein and fiber and helps in weight loss
It is also recommended for those who are on a diet to lose weight. For those who have a lot of restrictions on what they can eat, the fragrant and bitter taste of arrowroot is good for giving pleasure to eat.

The reason why it is recommended to people on a diet is not just because of its aroma and taste. It is a food that is very rich in nutrients necessary for dieters. Dieters want to selectively consume protein-rich foods. Compared to other vegetables, shoots are rich in protein and amino acids. 100g of raw shoots contains more than 4g of protein, which is equivalent to more than 50% of soybeans (kidney beans, raw), the representative protein food among plant foods. It is rich in B vitamins, which are essential for relieving fatigue and generating energy, and B vitamins can help you not get tired of a long-term diet. Here, vitamin A and vitamin C are evenly contained, and the content of calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium is also very rich.

Cut off the root of shoots, remove the bark, and boil to eat |  Source: Clip Art KoreaCut off the root of shoots, remove the bark, and boil to eat | Source: Clip Art Korea

How to properly choose and eat the sprouts?
The most common way to eat shoots is by blanching them and dipping them in vinegared red pepper paste. Seasoned with seasoning and eaten as vegetables, or put beef and shoots on a skewer and eat them as shoots. In addition, it can be used as a snack or side dish by making pickled vegetables, pancakes, or fried foods.

When choosing shoots, choose ones that are about 12 to 15 cm in size, have a strong scent and have few twigs, and have fresh skins. In addition, those with thick trunks, tender shoots, and unbloomed leaves are good for eating, and the shipping grade varies depending on the weight. Those over 50g are special products, 30-49g are good products, 20-29g are medium products, and those less than 20g are the most yawning. am.

When trimming, cut off the tip of the trunk, remove all the bark if it is attached, and wash it in water. Blanch them briefly in boiling water before eating, then rinse in cold water. At this time, if you soak it in water for a longer time while blanched, you can remove more of the bitter and astringent taste.

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