The head of Twitter admits that blocking a critical article was wrong for Biden

US companyTwitter“Founder and CEO Jack Dorsi admitted on Friday that the social media did the wrong thing by blocking web links to a critical article by Joe Biden.

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“Direct blocking of Single Resource Locations (URLs) was wrong, and we’ve updated our policies and their implementation to correct them,” Dorsiy tweeted.

“Our goal is to try to add context, and now we have the ability to do that.”

Twitter blocked links to a controversial New York Post article on Wednesday, fearing it could be linked to a disinformation campaign ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

On Friday, however, Twitter allowed its users to post a link to this article. This was a testament to how quickly the situation can change with regard to social networks, disinformation and the forthcoming elections.

Twitter announced Thursday night that it will no longer block material obtained by hackers unless it is directly published by hackers. The company also said it would further tag tweets to provide context rather than block links.

Twitter’s decision to block links to a New York Post article appears to be part of a broader campaign aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation on its platform before the election. Social media Facebook also announced that it would restrict the distribution of this article while it is being reviewed by fact-checkers.

President of the United States Donalds Tramps sharply criticized Twitter, claiming that the company wants to protect the Democratic candidate.

The article is based on e-mails obtained from the computer of Biden’s son Hunter Biden and testifying about Joe Biden’s connection with his son’s business in Ukraine.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate in the US presidential election on November 3, has been criticized for the past two years for Baraka Obamas administration has helped his son and the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, whose board was Hunter Biden.

In September 2019, Biden categorically stated that he had never spoken to his son about his business abroad.

The New York Post wrote that Hunter Biden left the computer in April 2019 at a hardware repair shop in Delaware. The unnamed workshop owner told the newspaper that he considered the computer forgotten, copied the computer’s hard drive, and handed it over to the federal authorities.

The owner of the workshop handed over a copy of the hard drive to Trumpy’s personal lawyer Rudy Julian, who in turn gave it to the newspaper.

Although Baiden’s election campaign did not deny the existence of such a computer or the reliability of the e-mails on it, Julian had previously been accused of spreading misinformation about Baiden and Ukraine.

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