The head of the Pentagon did not expect the Afghan government to fall in 11 days


WASHINGTON – Head of the Pentagon or Minister of Defense United States of America (USA) Lloyd Austin claims that no one thought the government Afghanistan will fall into your hands Taliban in just 11 days.

“It’s a very fast, fast -moving, and fast -paced evolution,” Austin told “This Week” host. ABC News, Martha Raddatz, which was launched Monday (23/8/2021).

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The Pentagon boss has defended the Joe Biden government’s handling of the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

“This all happened in the span of about 11 days. Nobody predicted that, you know, the government would fall in 11 days,” he said.

He said US intelligence’s initial projections of how long the Afghan government could hold the Taliban after America’s military withdrawal differed substantially.

“There are assessments that initially range from one to two years to, you know, a few months, but those are various assessments,” he said.

“When the Taliban start to gain an advantage, and then we see that in some cases, there is less fighting and more surrender and more power evaporated, it’s very difficult to predict accurately,” he added.

When asked whether the planned withdrawal of US troops was acceptable and appropriate, Austin blamed the Donald Trump administration.


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