The head of the Ministry of defense of Italy called the only way to avoid the third world war

As the newspaper notes, the head of the Ministry of Defense said this when welcoming his Parisian counterpart Sebastien Lecornu in Rome at a meeting on the security of the so-called extended Mediterranean and Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“A third world war could start if Russian tanks arrive in Kyiv and on the borders of Europe. Not allowing them to come is the only way to stop it,” Crosetto said.

And he added that next week a new decree on assistance to Ukraine may appear.

“There are common values ​​between Italy and France that reinforce a common strategic vision. Full agreement on the topics discussed, in particular: loyalty to Ukraine, security in the Mediterranean, European defense and cooperation between the armed forces. It is important that Italy and France and the armed forces of our countries cooperated in planning our security in the future,” the minister stressed.

Crosetto stressed that the security of the two countries begins with the eastern front, with what is happening in Ukraine. Both ministers agreed that the war unleashed by Russia is the most serious threat to the peace and stability of the European continent since the end of World War II.

“This is a clear violation of the principles of integrity and inviolability of territorial borders, international law and the Charter of the United Nations,” the Defense Ministry stressed in a statement following the meeting.

The results of the meeting were also commented on by the French Minister of Defense, who confirmed his readiness to promote a joint program of military support for Ukraine, the protection of the Mediterranean from new threats and the study of strengthening the possibilities of joint production for ground-to-air defense.

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