The harsh criticism of a European legend on Verón’s match at Manchester United: “It was a disaster”

The harsh criticism of a Manchester United legend of Sebastián Verón during his time in the Premier League.

September 26, 2022 08:19 –

Juan Sebastian “The Little Witch” Veron arrived at Manchester United as a superstar in 2001, hailing from Lazio from 42 million euros. That signing, at the time, made him the most expensive player in English football history, but apparently not everyone saw him in the same way on the pitch or because it wasn’t worth it.

After two long seasons in the of red, The little witch emigrated to Chelsea, but at could not reach a better level. A former teammate dedicated some harsh words to the Argentine after his time with the club in the English capital. That year was one of the worst for Sebastian when it came to football and the World Cup he dragged on.

Who has expressed his opinion on the midfielder, idol of Estudiantes de La Plata, is the English champion Paolo Scholes; Who classified Verón as “a disaster”. “I played Nicky (Butt), Roy (Keane) and Michael Carrick. I loved playing with all of them, but it wasn’t nice to play with people who attacked, I needed someone who played very well in the defensive position.commented Scholes.

After what was said, he added it and confronted himself by saying that“Verón and I were a disaster at Manchester United“. Furthermore, they recalled moments on the playing field stating that, “You were always complaining and telling me ‘stay with your pilots’ and things like that. I was like, ‘Get them! She is running towards you, you can see them, right? I had to play with someone who was disciplined. “

Juan Sebastian Veron He wasn’t a superstar like everyone expected, but he was a player who met the expectations of the management. He managed to score 11 goals with the Manchester Unitedin 81 games.

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