The Harmful Effects of Lemon on Human Health: Know the Risks

The Harmful Effects of Lemon on Human Health: Know the Risks

Although lemon is an important source for human health, because it contains vitamin C, which is very beneficial for immunity. However, excessive consumption of lemon juice can cause several health problems that you do not need.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you the harms that may befall you due to eating lemon.

The harmful effects of lemon on human health

The side effects of lemon fruit may be unexpected, but in reality lemon contains harmful effects, including the following:

The effect of lemon on the stomach: there is pain and burning in the stomach, and the reason for this is excessive consumption of lemon juice. You may feel nauseous and tend to vomit, especially after drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach, in addition to the occurrence of reflux in the esophagus, because lemon increases the production of… Stomach acids, which may get worse if a person has a stomach ulcer. Individuals who drink lemon juice frequently feel pain in the mouth and increased mouth ulcers, because lemon irritates the lining of the mouth, tongue, and gums. Drinking too much lemon juice leads to a major risk to dental health, which is the erosion of tooth enamel. To avoid this, you can eat lemon using a straw, rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking lemon juice, and avoid drinking concentrated lemon juice.

It is a widespread and common mistake for many people to believe that lemon is beneficial for the skin. This is completely untrue and unscientific, because lemon contains a number of compounds that lead to increased sensitivity to the sun. It is not recommended to use it on the skin before direct exposure to the sun, because it eventually leads to… Cause skin burns. Many people believe that to treat hair from dandruff, you must rub the scalp with lemon, but this is of course not true. Rather, the result is several problems, including: irritation of the scalp, and this may increase to the point of inflammation of the scalp and damage to the hair. When you drink lemon juice, you will find that it causes itching and burning in the skin, along with swelling in the throat and mouth. Lemon may lead to headaches, if a person suffers from migraines. Lemon may interact with a number of medications, such as cholesterol medications and blood pressure medications, with disastrous results.

Through this article, we hope that we have mentioned all the details regarding lemon, and learned about its harms despite its many benefits.

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