The hardest line of heroes in Mobile Legends, it takes hours to fly high: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – The Mobile Legends game presents various heroes. Each hero has a different difficulty level. Some heroes can be difficult for novice gamers to control.

It is recommended that beginner gamers use heroes who are easier to control. If gamers still insist on playing with difficult heroes, it is feared that it will become a burden for teammates.

The following is the line of the hardest Mobile Legends heroes and requires experience or high flying hours to master them.


Hayabusa is famous for his escape style, making him not easily paralyzed. His skills are even effective at eliminating the opponent’s health bar without being seen. For beginners, it might be a bit difficult to control Hayabusa, which seems to be more dominant in attacking with her skills than normal attacks.


Fanny is one of the heroes who has very fast movements. He can move from one place to another. This jumping skill can attack the opponent’s hero with considerable damage.

Even though his attacks are painful, controlling this hero takes practice and knowing the right points so he can dart smoothly to the desired spot.


Gusion is one of the hardest heroes in the Mobile Legends game. The skills in Gusion can be very useful for attacking enemies such as marksman. One of his skills allows him to approach the enemy very quickly.

For beginner gamers or even those who are just installing the Mobile Legends game, you should practice first to be able to master this one hero.

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Franco, this tank hero can be counted on to draw enemies closer. After that, the team can gang up on the enemy who was hit by Franco’s skill. Even so, the skill to attract enemy heroes is not as easy as imagined.

It takes accuracy for effective skills to hit the target.


One of the most difficult, Pharsa has quite a distance attack. He can attack enemies from a distance with quite painful damage. However, it is not easy to control the direction of the attack because accuracy is needed so that the enemy is exposed to damage.

Pharsa can turn into a bird with the Wings by Wings skill. This makes it easier for him to be able to escape from enemy attacks.

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