The harassment strengthened my character … and I was shocked by the release of the “Mayan Mayuna” video.

Young Egyptian actress Mayan El-Sayed expressed her joy at attending the first session of the Cairo Drama Festival, stressing its importance in dealing with top stars early in her artistic career.

El-Sayed told “Fuchsia”: “I was lucky that at the beginning of my entry into acting, big stars have participated in important works and so far I am learning a lot from them. They have helped me with their experiences in many jobs, and I hope to follow in their footsteps during my artistic career “.

The young actress also commented on the release of a video of her and her friends, titled “Myan Myon”, saying: “I did not intend to publish the video in general or to show it to everyone, but it had to be published for my closest friends. , but I was surprised that it spread very quickly. “

And she added: “At the very beginning of spreading the video and using its followers and making videos about it, I felt annoyed and disturbed by it, but then I dealt with normally and even made funny videos with them. “.

Mayan al-Sayed went on to say that her personality made her capable of dealing with anything: “My strong character is against any bullying. When I was harassed, I learned it. I have to say no and I became strong. , which is the character that I acquired from my mother and my brothers until I became this character, I am spontaneous and I will not change my spontaneity; Because he loved the people and the audience in me, and I do not try to become another character “.

Interestingly, the latest work of the young Mayan artist Al-Sayed is the series “The Choice 3”, which was shown in the last Ramadan race, starring Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed El-Sakka, Khaled Zaki , Yasser Jalal and many artists, and was written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi.

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