The Gulf of Thessaloniki has turned black! Fill up with …

The waters of the Gulf of Thessaloniki were filled with dead mice, said Charles Hintiroglu, a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Thessaloniki.Labor“.

The professor explains the appearance of dead rodents with the overflow of the city’s sewage system during the torrential rain last Tuesday afternoon (14/6). It has happened several times in the past, after major floods. Due to the large volume of water, the sewer is clogged and the animals cannot escape, but drown.

What is needed from now on, according to the professor, is a special boat to come out to collect them, but even if it does not happen, the currents will take them to the sea, where they will be eaten by other living organisms.

As for whether the phenomenon is of concern to both the lives of Thessaloniki residents and marine biodiversity, Mr Hintiroglu is adamant that there is no need to worry other than the disgusting sight.

The phenomenon was first recorded in the waters of the Gulf, which is the largest in the Aegean Sea, in June 2018.

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