The Gulf actress, Haifa Hussain, was criticized for commenting, “I married someone, may your father” … and so she responded

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A comment posted on a photo of the Bahraini artist, Haifa Hussein, on a photo she posted on her official Instagram page, sparked an interaction between activists on social networking sites.

The artist published a picture of her with a comment in which she said: “What do you think about yesterday’s meeting on a national program? A national program .. Dress up elegantly from a Cushite @kooshyeh”, to which the owner of the kivang tatlitug account would say: “What is good for Jamal and you are married? One who has your father ..”

The actress responded to the comment by saying: “I am married, one who makes me a queen .. He respects me and appreciates my feelings and senses me about my being as a wife and a woman in his life .. Married one who feels me happily with equal money .. I am married to a man in the fullest sense of the word .. responsible for my life. I did not feel myself alone and I do not have a man who is support.” Lee .. This is the real man, not by age or form, but in actuality.

More than 20 thousand accounts interacted between commenting and liking this picture, with the artist’s account on Instagram, which more than 2.1 million people follow on it.


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