the Guentrange district put to the test

How to achieve significant energy savings by reducing the impact of public lighting on flora and fauna? Turning off the lights or reducing the light intensity. A first “black frame” experiment after being submitted for approval by the Ecological Transition Committee will be conducted for seven days the district of Guentrange , from 16 to 22 August. “At the end of this test, the data collected will be analyzed and then we will see if there is a need to continue elsewhere,” indicates Pierre Cuny, mayor of Thionville. From next Tuesday the candelabra will be rescheduled to go out at 11pm instead of the current midnight, with the exception of access roads – such as the Roman road – which will remain lit all night for road safety reasons.

Savings of €5,000 per year

This experiment involves 229 light points of 25 kW each. “The savings achieved in one week will be equal to 1,000 kW, or 5,000 euros of savings per year for a single district (and potentially 200,000 euros per year if the plant were extended to the whole city)”, observes Xavier Chaput, deputy director of city technical services. Excessive lighting in some places is therefore good and in the crosshairs of the city, above all because it also has an impact on biodiversity. “Artificial light divides the ecological corridors,” explains Aurélie Debrin, director of the Living Environment and Ecological Transition department. 95% of moths are pollinators. We have to make room for the night to protect our biodiversity.” “The experience is worth trying,” said Serge Fritz, president of the Guentrange environmental protection association.

Less incivility

These efforts, if understood – and they will be – could in a second moment be extended to merchants with an effort aimed at at least the extinction of shop windows and illuminated signs in the city. Does black favor an increase in incivility and delinquency? The question must be asked. “The data show that, on the contrary, the absence of public lighting limits break-ins and also allows for the limitation of gatherings,” says Laurent Cavalieri, deputy director of services and head of the municipal police.

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