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October 29 Music house Daile groups will take place in the cafe Remix Records recorded in 1989 … at Time CD version release festival. Most of the soundsņapplyē inclļautajām songām once nav skanējušas radio, jo, sakarā ar māsterieraksta zādzīit is 90to gadu sāgodfatherā, tās was not digitizedēthat.

Many are familiar with the legend of the fateful meeting between the editor-in-chief of the music editorial Raimonds Pauls and the guitarist of the Radio Stage Orchestra Aivars Hermans, during which a call was made to gather the best Latvian musicians, while Maestro promised to get instruments – and was born Remix.

In 1988, the musicians started working independently and met Paul that year at the All-Union Young Soloists Competition Jūrmala, where he participated as guests, but Maestro led the work of the jury. Songs played that day … At Laika the content was kept secret until the last minute. When Remix The guys, dressed defiantly – a bit like a revolutionary, a bit like a Scandinavian, climbed the stage, live for the first time in the then USSR from the Baltic Sea to Vladivostok echoed a loud demand for freedom for the Fatherland. Musicians at the time organically needed to create a song that would reflect the longing for change in the air, and the message was so strong that Uldis Marhilēvičs’ song with Igo’s words won Mikrofona in the survey. Remix at that time did not think about beautiful melodies and pop songs, the musicians felt that the time had come for compositions that depict the awakening of the spirit of freedom all around. It seemed that a secret war had begun, which required flag bearers, and such a mission Remix took the record … At Laika.

Of the eight songs, the author of two was Aivars Hermanis, the others were written by Uldis Marhilēvičs, thinking about the restoration of Latvia’s independence. This patriotic musical message with poetry by Igo, Jānis Baltauss and Klāvs Elsbergs in 1989 Melody It was made in a recording studio in a very short time, and the instrumental accompaniments were mostly recorded, playing together – “live”, without complicated synthesizer programming, but with passion and flaming energy.

Igo’s vocal power reached almost superhuman tension, and all the instrumentalists agreed strongly, like a clenched fist. This was the second and also the last Remix a record of songs that followed the 1987 album Vēstule, and this time the recording sounded like a conceptual work, not a string of beautiful compositions.

Aware that listeners are waiting for entertainment, Remix these concerts, saturated with the anticipation of struggle, were seldom performed in the concerts, the content of which is evidenced by the names alone: Land rūgst, Karavīrs, You want itējās nosargāt and others, too Grēpcs, which reached 12th place Mikrofona’90 in the survey.

The record, released in 1990, has also gone down in history as an album, the original of which was stolen by unknown criminals, breaking into the sound recording studio, thus … At Laika the recordings, with the exception of the title track, have not been digitized so far. Thanks to Marek America, it has finally happened, so it’s time to end Remix capturing full discography in digital format. Significantly, this process ends with an album … At Laika, which is a very serious, masculine and thrilling record, with which the band once moved rapidly from pop music to the rock music room.

Publishers will be able to purchase the CD River close and tāliem in a shop on Vagnera Street and other sound recording sales outlets.

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