The group “audrú” offers the song “Nātres” | celebrities

Indie band audrú release the song “Nettles”, creating a magical summer night mood, and start working on the album “old stories”.

The band “audrú” gained the attention of the general public in 2020 with the small album “the lighthouse trilogy”, which was nominated for the music recording award “Golden Microphone 2021” in the category “Best Debut”.

At the same time, the band also releases individual singles, and this time it is the song “Nātre”, which has been in the band’s concert repertoire for several years and has finally been recorded.

“Nettles” are about acceptance, just like we do with natural processes, “nettles” or, in video, dandelions, which with their endurance and independence arouses admiration. Musically, the song was inspired by the sound of alternative rock music and also folk.

The band is currently working on a new album called “old stories”, as the album will consist of songs that have already stood the test of time in the band’s repertoire. The recording process takes place in Valmiera, in the studio “Hodila Records” under the direction of Ģirts Laumanis.



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