The green way out of the crisis. The Austrians and Germans will significantly increase their contribution to the purchase of an electric car

“We want to invest in the future on the way out of the crown of crisis,” she stated according to the server of the newspaper Der Standard Gewesslerová, with the proviso that the effort to support electromobility is such an investment.

In addition to the purchase of personal electric cars, the government will support the purchase of electric motorcycles. The current contribution of 1000 euros (26,800 crowns) will increase to 1,200 euros (32,200 crowns), for electricians from 700 (18,800 crowns) to 800 euros (21,500 crowns). The contribution for domestic charging stations will then increase from 200 to 600 euros.

In neighboring Germany, a coalition is negotiating on the economic support package first, it rejected support for the car industry through a state contribution for the purchase of a new petrol or diesel car.

Berlin will increase the state premium for the purchase of an electric car from 3,000 to 6,000 euros (over 160,000 crowns) as part of the package. The manufacturer will contribute another 3,000 euros (80,470 crowns) to the Germans. This amount does not change.

Under the package, Germany is also investing € 2.5 billion to support the construction of a sales network for the sale of electric cars and to support research in this area. It wants to invest the same amount in supporting urban and regional public transport.

The American carmaker Tesla, which specializes in the production of electric cars, is currently preparing the construction of the first European Gigafactory factory in the Brandenburg village of Grünheide near Berlin. The company expects to produce 500,000 cars a year here.

The Tesla project has the support of local politicians. For example, the Federal Minister of Economy Peter Altmeier (CDU) or the Berlin Senator (member of the local government) for the economy Ramona Popová (Greens) spoke positively.

Shares of the company exceeded $ 1,000 each in the first half of June. At that time, it was a reaction to the announcement of the head of the car manufacturer Elon Muska that the company will start the production of the Tesla Semi electric truck. Currently, the shares are hovering around the price of $ 970 (23 thousand crowns) per share.

With the aforementioned exceeding of the limit of $ 1,000 per share, Tesla briefly got into the position of the most valuable carmaker according to market capitalization. Market capitalization expresses the market value of a joint-stock company – it is the sum of the current value of all shares issued by this company.

According to the Bloomberg server, this electric car manufacturer continues to compete for the position of the most valuable carmaker with the traditional Japanese carmaker Toyota.

Recently, however, traditional car companies have also been embarking on electromobility. For example, according to its vice president, the American concern General Motors is working on a battery that can be driven 1.6 million kilometers.

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