THE GREEN LANTERN – Di Maria, guaranteed show… De Ligt at 120 million? But wasn’t he one who played with his hands?

Come on, something is moving. In this equatorial climate (indeed more like a planet Venus), Juventus is starting to score the right shots. Clearly he is the cover man: Angel Di Maria. I have to be honest: I really really want to see him with the Juventus jersey. I believe he will delight even the finest palates at Allianz Stadium. El Fideo is not one of the many. The quality of him is unquestionable. Of course, he is no longer what he was 5/10 years ago, but he is still one of the few who makes a difference on the pitch. At PSG he didn’t have to crash too much, given the average level of Ligue 1. So, he’ll need some time to get to grips with Italian football. However, if one is a phenomenon it is everywhere, right? Let’s say that with him on the wing and Paul Pogba in midfield we are not in bad shape at all …
Too bad there is a de Ligt with the suitcases ready. I want to remain optimistic but, given the lack of great defenders in circulation, I fear the Dutchman may marry elsewhere. Juventus has no intention of giving discounts: 120 million for the former Ajax card, not a cent less. Exactly the value of its release clause. It would be a great blow on a financial level (75 million euros were paid in 2019) but a huge loss for the Juventus defense, already orphan of Chiellini’s leadership (well arrived in LA).
And here I argue… Where are all those who portrayed de Ligt as a normal player, capable of playing only with his hands? Why is a top club like Chelsea seriously thinking of spending the 120 million needed to snatch him from Juventus? And, beware, many other greats of European football have tried … The answer is simple: de Ligt is one of the strongest central defenders around. He is 22 years old and is already a top player. In these two seasons with Juventus he has grown a lot, he has learned how to behave in Serie A. More and more leader also on a vocal level, he has distinguished himself as the pivot of the Juventus rearguard. Should he leave, it will be very hard for Allegri who has always focused on great defenses to achieve great goals. I have seen the Dutchman play live dozens and dozens of times. I can count on the fingers of one hand the games he has missed. Never had any doubts about the fact that, together with Dybala, he was the player with the highest quality of the black and white squad. Well, honestly I wasn’t ready to lose them both in the same, sultry and hot summer …
Speaking of Dybala… I think one day, perhaps not that far away, he will regret not having accepted to stay in black and white at less high-sounding figures. Attention, it’s just my feeling but I often get it right in these things… Luckily El Fideo arrives, because he arrives, right?

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