The great pain of Ladislav Frej. His son suffers from a serious mental disorder

Actor Ladislav Frej, who celebrates his 81st birthday on November 26, has two children from his marriage to actress Věra Galatíková: daughter Kristýna and son Ladislav. Both sons followed in their parents’ artistic footsteps. While daughter Kristýna became a successful actress, her son’s mental disorder prevented him from fully dedicating himself to acting. Frej still holds a grudge against him.

sin Ladislao Freja he had an indisputable artistic talent from an early age. No one was surprised when she decided to apply to DAMU. He was accepted at the first attempt and the professors predicted a promising future for him. But during his studies he began to show the first symptoms of a severe mental personality disorder. The trigger was when he lit marijuana at a party. He was twenty years old.

“I was in my second year at DAMU and I was shooting the film Eine kleine jazzmusic. Suddenly I couldn’t be with people anymore and I couldn’t finish the film. That was the first time I was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic,” Frej’s son confided to the 13th House program.

The doctors were at a loss for a long time and did not know what to do. They initially suspected schizophrenia, then treated him for endogenous depression. When Frej the Younger tried to get rid of his meds, it went badly. Every time he ended up in the hospital. He also met from one of the Bohnice pavilions in Prague by the late singer Petr Mukwho suffered from manic-depressive psychosis.

I didn’t help Ládík, the actor admitted

To this day, Father Ladislav blames himself for not noticing the incipient problem in his son. “While Věra (wife – ed.) immediately understood that something was wrong, I didn’t. I didn’t help her or Ládík much at that time,” the actor said in the 13th Chamber program. As it turned out, his son was sick with schizoid personality disorder (patients withdraw into themselves, have an excessive relationship with fantasies and their inner world, suffer from excessive relatedness, depression, inefficiency, lack of concentration, have difficulty establishing relationships with others, prefer solitude – ed.). Due to this mental illness, he had to give up his engagement in the Dejvice Theater and reduce all acting work.

Ladislav Frej in the program Z pádů Honza Dědek

However, he has learned to live with it. Thanks to honest drugs, he is now feeling well, he has started a family, he has become a loving father and his life has finally taken a turn for the better. “Although he could have stayed on his disability pension, he goes to work every day, which satisfies him. He ended up at the Heart of All Center, where he helps and teaches the mentally disabled,” Ladislav Frej revealed about him to the Aha newspaper ! several years ago. He is extremely proud of him son of him.

Ladislav Frej passed out and is in intensive care.  Could heart problems be to blame?

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