The great mystery of the NBA: Where’s Kyrie Irving?

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in the NBA, it’s Kyrie’s head. In a changing competition, which has to constantly adapt to new times, and which fights against the coronavirus and the audiences while trying to maintain the economic boom and avoid the stoppage, the constant is still the enormous lack of knowledge when it comes to understanding the Nets point guard. Nobody knows anything about him, why he behaves in a certain way or what he is doing at the moment, when he has already had four games of absence with his team, perhaps for many reasons … but, mainly, because if. People ask questions, Charles Barkley hits him, Steve Nash doesn’t know what to say and the Nets try to keep adding amid positive coronavirus cases and victories that may be important for the remainder of a course in which it is impossible to predict what losses there will be from one week to the next or if one or more matches will have to be postponed.

There, in the midst of the swell, Kyrie is talked about, just as it was in the more recent past, when the world was as we remember it (or perhaps we are already forgetting). If there is anything in common between the past and the present, it is that Kyrie continued to make headlines and almost none (unfortunately) was due to his basketball ability. His departure from the Cavaliers, the only place where it has really worked (blessed triple in 2016), to escape a shadow, that of LeBron, from which he has never been able to flee, linked with the constant sainete to which he subjected some Celics who ended up celebrating their departure (albeit in the internal forum) and, now, after failing to fulfill their promise of renewal with the greens (one of many), they have taken their incredible talent and spectacular madness to the Big Apple, where it causes havoc with nocturnality and treachery and does not make or attempt to improve a character always questioned and almost without fix. At least, from the point of view of public opinion, that place where the battles that decide wars are won.

Irving’s head has to work for the Nets project, who are legitimate candidates by roster, to be successful. Nash has to squeeze his brain and pull his countless collaborators (D’Antoni, Stoudemire, Vaughn …) to control excessive egos. But, being mandatory that all the gears match, The point guard has not played a game since Jan.5 and is not expected to return tonight against the Nuggets. The point guard has left the team dynamics without prior notice without anyone in his environment being able to give answers about where he is or why. Nobody knows if it is a physical problem, something that would be made public in these cases, and it does not seem that it is a technical decision, since they would have had news of it. For now, they have alleged “personal motives“, something that within the NBA has been translated as”personal licenses“, the ones that Kyrie take how and when you want bringing the era of empowered gamers to debauchery that exceeds the player’s own freedom and that it begins to be slightly embarrassing, especially due to the lack of transparency of the star, something that is not in line with an entity that before its arrival was exemplary when communicating with the press and giving the news in the right time and place.

All that has ended in the era Kyrie, which barely covers a year and a half in which the Nets have played 88 games since his arrival … and only 27 with the point guard. Something too troublesome to ignore and has hermetic messages or, directly, the deathly silence of a man whose quality exceeds, roughly, that of most NBA players. But he has, of course, a worse head than the rest. In just 20 games, last year the dynamics of a team that reached the playoffs by miracle and was the protagonist behind the scenes (and with Kevin Durant) in the dismissal of Kenny Atkinson, a fantastic coach who left through the back door After creating a non-existent culture in the franchise since in 2013, a tycoon surnamed Prokhorov, gave away huge amounts of draft rounds in exchange for Pierce, Garnett and a Play Station project that started out old and ended up being short-lived. In this one, it seemed that he started well (he averages 27 points per night), but has disappeared without a trace and without giving explanations while Barkley whips him on TNT (something common in Barkley, it must be said) and an alleged video of a birthday party with his sister is leaked in the heat of the coronavirus wave and in a country, the United States, that has 4,000 daily deaths at the moment. Anyway … where’s Kyrie Irving?

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