the great luck to be friends

He has been on the air for ten years at the head of ‘El Hormiguero’ spinning one success after another with his guests from all over the world, but Pablo Motos does not forget those who have helped him at some point in his career to get where he is . And he has no problem recognizing it. One of those pillars has a name, surname and American nationality and for 6 seasons he conquered the public with his adventures: Will Smith. The versatile actor and singer is, as he is called the Valencian presenter “The stroke of luck” that changed his life.

Pablo Motos has not forgotten what it has meant to meet Will Smith / El Hormiguero

And that on the set of the star program of the nights of Antena 3 have passed actors, athletes, singers, journalists, or television stars who, for the most part, have given their best during the interview and have fun the beauty in the tests that have been raised. It was a few days ago when Pablo asked his guests about the person or the fact that he had supposed a turning point in their lives and then he remembered an anecdote of the late Larry King, who explained at the time how his professional career took a 180º turn when Frank Sinatra gave him an interview on his local radio program.

Pablo Motos
“It was my stroke of luck”, recognized the Valencian presenter / Gtres

The Valencian then emulated the mythical journalist and did not hesitate to make a comparison with him, recounting how the protagonist of the series ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’ had been who had been a before and after in his television career. «My stroke of luck was Will Smith because, when he came, he sang El Fary’s ‘Torito bravo’ and that made me exist in Spain and in Hollywood“He recalled admitting that, from that moment on,” nothing was the same anymore. It was 2009 and the American actor became the first international guest to sit in front of Motos. Smith attended the program to promote the movie ‘Siete almas’ and his presence made ‘El Hormiguero’ obtain a 13.3% share. A whole revolution in the chain.

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But that evening led to a ‘crush’ between them that made them great friends, to the point that the performer bought the rights to produce the show in the United States in 2013. From his first visit to the program, the actor and rapper became the best ambassador for Pablo Motos’ program in the United States, even acting as an intermediary between the program and other Hollywood stars.

Pablo Motos, Drew Barrymore
After Smith, there have been many Hollywood stars who have come to have fun at ‘El Hormiguero’ / Gtres

Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Latoya Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, Eva Longoria, Ben Affleck o Bradley Cooper, have been some of these celebs from the film mecca who have followed in the footsteps of Will Smith, who has passed through ‘El Hormiguero’ up to six times. And if Pablo Motos considers him his “genius of the lamp”, Smith is not far behind and has also been flattering himself with the communicator whenever he has had the opportunity. “Pablo, you are my brother,” he has come to say in perfect Spanish.

And as a family they consider themselves, Will Smith did not want to miss the celebration of the 2,000 programs of ‘El Hormiguero’. On that occasion, the entire team traveled to London where they gathered, on one of the BBC’s sets, 350 Spaniards living in the English city, who did not want to miss the special. Smith was there and once again made the program the most watched of the day, recounting several anecdotes unknown until that moment, which delighted the presenter and the audience. Now that Tamara Falcó has become the show’s star collaborator, how long will it take Pablo Motos to get them together on set?

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