The great gesture of Luis Fernando Tena when he led the last Blue Cross champion

Luis Fernando “Flaco” Tena is a very important man in the history of Mexican football. As a coach he won for the first time a gold medal in the Olympic Games (London 2010) with the Mexican team U23. In addition, he is the last coach who made Cruz Azul champion in the Winter of 1997.

Right in this club, at the same stage of that title, the strategist made a great gesture with some players who were in a difficult situation. In an interview with ESPN Digital, the former player Johan Rodríguez revealed that the strategist gave him money to eat when he still did not debut in the first division.

“He gave me even money to eat and I appreciate it all my life. I will never forget and that promised me to be able to do something big. There are many players who happen to that and throw themselves in the hammock, ”said the Mexican.

He said he and his twin (Omar Rodríguez) they belonged to a family of limited resources, for those who barely ate twice a day and, to go to training they had to make a long trip from their home to the facilities and vice versa.

“El Flaco knew that my parents were separated, that it was not the best situation in which we lived. He knew all that and saw us as potential. He helped us economically and told us that we were going to be great, but we had to feed ourselves better, because a good, well-fed body gives you the maximum. ”

Luis Fernando was not wrong. In that championship, Joahan and Omar belonged to a team that raised several cups. It was a local tournament title and two championships of the Concacaf Champions Cup, all won with the Skinny.

In your opinion, Tena was not the best coach tactically, but it did have a theme to motivate the player, to help him, to understand him, to understand him. “For me he was very important,” he said.

Now things are very different for the strategist. Despite having a great team with a great investment, the helmsman cannot make the Chivas de Guadalajara walk correctly. They were eliminated from the MX Cup against Dorados and have not known the victory for a month.

About, Rodriguez acknowledged that the situation is not normal The red and white live. “Something is happening. I don’t know the radical change that El Flaco has had. He is a great person, a great coach, but I don’t know if he has been left behind on football, ”he said.

In your opinion, Tena needs a coaching staff that doesn’t always prove it right. “To be told‘ to see Skinny, you are wrong, this is not it, we are going to talk about it “and not only yes, yes, yes to everything. They must also have a little pants to face the coach in good shape and say “this is not around here,” he said.

He clarified that it is also the fault of the players. “They’re not dropping the 20 that they’re in an important team, They are great players, they win well. They are not doing what they did in their previous club and they are accommodated, ”he explained.

“There are young people who suddenly don’t know how to deal with fame, With the team, with the money. When you don’t have a family or friendship circle that guides you, that gives you good advice, that happens, you start to enlarge You no longer train in a good way, you are no longer professional and you do many things that you did not do before. Some of that may be happening, ”said the former footballer.

Now to Luis Fernando Tena has a difficult test this Saturday. He faces the team that made champion four times (a League title and 3 Concacaf): Cruz Azul. Further, “The Machine” has a better performance and adds 7 points in its last three games, so the Chivas will have to overcome and get the victory at home.

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