The great fight of the Pole has been canceled! “I am not a prostitute who sees a sum and spreads her legs”

“Maciej Sulęcki suffered an injury and cannot fight Jaime Munguia on April 24 in El Paso. The search for a new rival is underway, and one of the main candidates is D’mitrius Ballard. Sulęcki was to be the most difficult test for Munguia so far” – he wrote on Twitter Mike Coppinger of The Athletic.

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“I’m not a prostitute who sees a sum and spreads her legs”

An injury stood in the way. But that’s not the only reason why Maciej Sulęcki gives up the prestigious duel. – There is an injury, not from now. The trauma has renewed. I have the bumps on my back. It’s not terribly serious, but it’s very tedious. If I get hit in the head, I feel a lot of pain. I would probably go against Jengojan, but not to a fight like the one with Munguia. It helped me make my decision. Because there is no proper sparring, no proper camp. Maybe if I had a great camp in the States behind me, I would not tell anyone about this injury. Though I don’t think so either, because the pain is great. Turning my head to the right is ok, but not to the left because it starts to pull hard. If I got a barrel with “10” gloves, and Munguia beats hard, it could end badly – says the Polish boxer, quoted by “Super Exress”.

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And he adds: – I hope that now Mr. Andrzej will not be offended by me and will not go uphill. We are in one wheelchair, and if I am to earn good money, so will Mr. Andrzej. Earlier, there were several such situations that I found out about fight 4-5 weeks before, but I was taking them. This was the case, for example, before Culcay. We didn’t even talk about the money and I almost lost it because I went unprepared. After such a duel as with Andrade, if I went unprepared again, in the event of a defeat with Munguia, I can pack my stuff. Before, they gave it, I took it, but that has changed. I am 32 years old, have two children, I think in other terms. I have matured. I am not a prostitute who sees a sum and spreads her legs.

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Who will replace Sulęcki?

It is speculated that it will be Chris Ballard. So far, the Pole has fought 31 times, of which he has won 29 fights. Only Daniel Jacobs and Demetrius Andrade defeated him. Sulęcki is undoubtedly a high-class boxer. The problem is that average weight is a very heavily staffed category, so Sulęcki’s chances for the belt are only illusory.

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