The Great Chef, Celebrities: Bringing Healthy Family Entertainment to Peruvian Homes

The host of ‘El gran chef, famosos’, José Peláez, thanked the public for their support for the cooking reality show and emphasized that they make a program of healthy and family entertainment; and where they can see the most human and even vulnerable side of some well-known figures.

How do you feel about the first few weeks in charge of ‘The great chef, celebrities’?

I am happy, it is a dream come true to have the opportunity to be the host of Latina, of a project like this and that it has the acceptance of the public, sometimes I do not believe it. Especially doing healthy entertainment for the whole family and that gives culture to Peruvian homes.

The rating figures are accompanying them, being a complicated schedule…

I don’t talk much about rating, it’s not something I keep pending; although I do feel the support of the people in the streets, the social networks. I try to do what I can, have fun and do my job to the best of my ability, and well, the ratings are with us and it puts me in a good mood.

Especially in a complicated schedule, with strong competition…

We are in prime time, when I accepted at the beginning I did not know what time we would go out, but because I always liked the project, the famous thing seems entertaining to me at an audiovisual level, and then they told me that we would go from Monday to Saturday in prime time and I said how crazy.

The program allows us to see the ‘famous’ in another facet…

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Yes, the most human side of all the participants, we constantly see them overcome obstacles, such as the fact that they can cut a finger and call the paramedic, or they burn themselves or prepare a dish that they have never made… seeing them face these obstacles is see them in their most natural and most human side. In addition, I have liked having the opportunity to meet people that I had only seen on TV or through a program and some have surprised me, such as Miguel Vergara, Ricardo Rondón or Milett Figueroa. And others have even shown themselves vulnerable as it happened to us with Korina Rivadeneira, it was a very sentimental moment when remembering her family through the kitchen.

Are you also an actor?

That’s right, but now I’m focused only on driving, but I love acting. What’s more, my career started with acting, and then driving-based entertainment came along, because it allows me to play a lot more with the things I like to do. Nowadays I don’t lose sleep over acting, if it looks cool, but I live delighted driving.

And now the second season is coming…

The first is about to finish, it will be in mid-June… and I think the second will be spliced, for now we are working every day.


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