The great anniversary of Airbus. The 10,000th A320 shows its growing lead over Boeing

In September, Airbus delivered the most aircraft to customers since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when aviation does not want Airbus, it has enjoyed at least one small celebration. Yesterday, the Airbus A321neo with registration T7-ME3 became the tenth thousand A320family aircraft delivered by the European aircraft manufacturer to the customer.

The customer of the jubilee aircraft with the serial number MSN100 became the Lebanese airline Middle East Airlines. Airbus reached this limit 33 years after the first take-off of the A320. It took its American competitor significantly longer with the Boeing 737: they handed over tens of thousands in Seattle in 2018, and completed the first flight of the 737 in 1967.

This is the third A321neo for Midle East Airlines. Airbus clearly has a weakness for the Lebanese carrier: the same airlines have taken over the 5,000th A320. The handover took place in 2012, which only proves how large volumes the production of this model has taken place in recent years.

A321neo in Middle East Airlines colors. Photo: Airbus

Airbus defeated Boeing last year in the number of orders for the A320, the American manufacturer began to lose extra orders due to the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Yesterday, the European manufacturer announced further results for September, which show a gradual recovery from the major crisis in the number of aircraft delivered. In September, it delivered 57 aircraft, which is the highest number since March this year. So far, Airbus has delivered 341 aircraft for the whole year, 40% less than in the same period last year. Boeing has not yet released data for September.

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