‘The Gray Man’ will already have a prequel and a sequel on the way. And it hasn’t even been released!

The Gray Man‘, also known as ‘the unseen agent‘, it hasn’t even been released and there’s already a prequel in the works. We are talking about one of the most important movies on Netflix right now, since it will be launched in the midst of the platform’s crisis and is, of course, one of the most expensive projects he has ever done (the most, in fact), with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as the protagonists of the story. The confidence that Netflix has with the project is full and already there’s a prequel in the making at the hands of the writers of Deadpool (which by the way, there is still no news about the third installment). And it is more: also a second part.

From Empire (we go ScreenRant) makes sure that the prequel will focus on the character of Evans (LloydHansen). Not many details are known about the project beyond talking about the origins of the CIA agent who must stop a relentless hitman. There is also talk about a sequel to ‘The Gray Man‘, which will already be running through the offices just like the prequel, although in this case it may be too early to confirm anything because, as we said, the original work has not even reached the Netflix platform. The sequel will focus on Ryan Gosling.

The Gray Man is expected to be a hit

“A prequel and a sequel to ‘The Gray Man’ are currently in development. The prequel will star Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen and be written by ‘Deadpool’ writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The sequel, written by Markus and McFeely, to be starring Ryan Gosling.”

The Gray Man It has its premiere scheduled for next July 15 (as you already know) on Netflix. The film runs at the hands of Joe and Anthony Russo, the filmmakers who signed two of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema: Infinity War y Endgame. We’ll see how they do with this new action story that seems to be their new “Avengers”, since there is almost a structured saga already.


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