The graphic designer got rid of the new Audi A4 camouflage. How do you like it?

The upcoming A4 generation will probably be the last to offer internal combustion engines.

Audi is currently working on the development of several models, including the new A4 generation. This is also confirmed by various images of masked prototypes, which the carmaker is already testing in various environments. However, the talented graphic designer decided to free the new model from camouflage foil. Although only virtually.

The concept, under which the graphic designer from is again signed, looks truly realistic and believable at first glance. For example, the mask, bumper shapes and intake vents roughly correspond to the photos of the test pieces taken. However, the headlights are different, which, however, perfectly match the current approach of the brand in the graphics.

The graphic designer envisages the use of sophisticated front LED headlights with a characteristic light signature at the top, while at the rear he expects lights with several distinctive LED segments, which are connected across the fifth door by a light line. In short, nothing surprising.

At the same time, both the side line and the boot lid or spoiler extending the descending roof line look quite believable. However, the rear bumper with too strong chrome tailpipes of the exhaust system is a bit exaggerated.

However, we will be more interested in the content of the engine compartment in the production model than in the design. The next generation Audi A4, called the B10, should be the last to offer pure internal combustion engines. Thus, a combination of pure internal combustion engines is expected, including at least one diesel, mild-hybrids and plug-in hybrids. In addition, the top engine of the Audi RS4 could undergo electrification.

There is also speculation about a purely electric battery version, which would probably be called e-tron. However, the question is on what platform the new generation Audi A4 would then stand. To date, it has been assumed that the improved MLB platform will become the basis.

Let us add that the production of the existing Audi A4, generation B9, could probably end next year. The introduction of the new Audi A4 B10 is then expected in the first half of next year, while the first pieces could reach customers in early 2024. However, this is only speculation.

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