The Grand Prix in Brno will probably not take place next year

Albert Gea, Reuters

Neither the city nor the region has money for reconstruction due to declines due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Vaňková, there is also a risk that the organizing association will not receive from the ministry 85 million, which were promised for this year and next year.

Dorna has set the reconstruction of the track as a condition for holding races next year. So far, she has not included the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic in her calendar, but she has left a vacancy for it, which, however, can be filled by another applicant.

Dostálová: Communication between the MotoGP Association and the government is not serious

The Association of the City and the Region, which has been organizing the event for the last five years, asked the Ministry for money to repair the track, which is owned by the private entity Automotodrom Brno. “We received a letter that the ministry will not contribute financially to the repair of the track. Now we will take further steps. A final decision has not yet been made, however, it is very likely that the year 2021 will not take place in Brno,” said Vaňková. President Jan Grolich (KDU-ČSL) also confirmed the negative response of the ministry.

The MotoGP Association is asking 100 million to repair the track after the ministry

The association had a contract with Dorna to organize five years, this year the fifth took place. However, due to the coronavirus, it was run without spectators for a reduced fee. From the original more than four million euros (around 110 million CZK), it fell to one million euros (about 27 million CZK), with the next year going to the audience for six million euros (about 162 million CZK). However, Dorna demands the repair of the Masaryk Circuit track as a condition. This year, the riders complained about its quality.

In addition, from 2022, Dorna wants to increase the license fee to nine million euros (about 243 million CZK). For this year and next year’s Grand Prizes, both the region and the city were approved by 60 million crowns each, the state was to contribute 85 million crowns. According to Vaňková, the ministry stated that the state’s participation was promised only in the event that it will take place this year and next year, and if the next year does not take place, the association will not receive any money.

According to the mayor, it is not yet clear whether the association would have to pay a listing fee of six million euros even if the event did not take place. “It depends on Dorna. In my legal opinion, both interpretations are possible. But it is not logical to pay a fee for an event that will not be implemented,” Vankova said. If the races do not take place, the mayor would like the event to return to Brno one day. “Under the conditions offered to us, however, I do not see this as realistic if we do not have large sponsors,” Vaňková said of the intended fee of nine million euros.

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