The grand guild will host the anniversary concert of the chamber choir ‘Blagovest’

A concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir “Blagovest” will take place in the Grand Guild on October 14. The program will include masterpieces of Russian sacred music, concerts of outstanding composers and orthodox songs, the choir representatives informed the portal “Delfi”.

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For the anniversary concert taking place in the program of the Riga A Cappella Festival, a program has been created with the brightest and “Blagovest” audience’s favorite compositions from the choir’s repertoire over 30 years. The concert will feature the pearls of Russian sacred music classics: baroque in the concert of Dmitry Bortnyansky Choir, compositions by the brightest representatives of Romanticism Sergei Rachmaninov and Pavel Chesnokov, contemporary classics in the compositions of Georg Pelec and Vladimir Martinov. There will be both compositions sung from the beginning and new acquisitions in the choir’s repertoire.

According to the choir, although 2020 has created many challenges for choir music, the Riga Orthodox Chamber Choir has prepared a jubilee concert program for the Riga A Capella Festival this summer and won first place in the “Hajnovka Orthodox Music Days” competition in Hajnovka, Poland, in September. through the record. In the near future, several more concerts are planned within the choir’s thirtieth anniversary.

Riga A Cappella Festival In 2020, it will take place from October 14 to 18 and will highlight the diversity of the vocal a cappella genre in its concerts and offer music of different periods and styles in excellent performance. Unique a cappella music projects and innovative music performances will be given a significant place in the festival.

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